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afterschool, wonwoo had managed to convince mingyu to join him study at a nearby library, allowing wonwoo to go over some more topics and ideas he would be able to tutor to mingyu

surprisingly, mingyu asked if wonwoo wanted to ride his motorcycle to the library, which wonwoo immediately declined. just the thought of how unsafe riding a motorcycle had already convinced wonwoo that he was never going to ride one in his life.

maybe mingyu might be the one to change that. maybe.

the local library was only a few blocks away from the academy, so they walked. it was silent and awkward. mingyu had his headphones on, the volume on high, whilst wonwoo had a notepad with coloured tags sticking out from the top, reviewing his notes from the day. just from afar, you would wonder why the hell two so different people are around each other.

wonwoo huffed out a sigh, his breath condensing to steam in front of him. he looked at mingyu, who stared up at the blue-grey sky, outlining all the shapes and animals he could make out from the clouds. "stop staring at me." mingyu simply said, still not looking at the elder.

"s-sorry." wonwoo stuttered, flustered at being caught. he looked away, down at the concrete pavement as they continue back to walking in silence. he didn't even realise himself that he was staring at the younger, but somehow his eyes wondered to mingyu's face, looking at the refined and small details that he hadn't noticed before.

and in the back of his mind, a voice in his head thought, pretty.

they arrived at the library, wonwoo showed his card to the old lady at the front desk ad waved to her with a warm smile, mingyu just walking past the desk into the building filled to the brim with different types of books.

they sat down at a table in the back corner of the library, they warm sunrays glaring through the blue-stained window. wonwoo started to take his textbook and notes as mingyu slumped down in front of him. wonwoo looked up to see mingyu tinkering on his phone again, skipping through songs and scrolling through media. "aren't you going to take anything out?" wonwoo asked, zipping up his bag.

mingyu seemed to not have heard him as he was still on his phone. he lightly tapped the back of mingyu's hand, catching the younger's attention and look up at wonwoo. "what?" mingyu asked, almost in annoyance that wonwoo interrupted whatever he was doing.

"could you... turn our music off? and your phone? i'm gonna be going over some more math topics you didn't finfish earlier." mingyu sighed. as much as he wanted to refuse, what else would he do? minghao was at a dance practice and seokmin was probably taking care of his younger sister. he had ran out of spray paints the day prior, not having enough time to buy more. so what else could he do besides be with wonwoo?

mingyu took off his headphones and let them rest around his neck, pressing pause on the music and put his phone away. at this, wonwoo was surprised. he didn't expect mingyu to oblige his request so easily. you'd think mingyu would at least try to argue his way out of it, but he didn't do anything of the sort.

is mingyu starting to listen to me?

"don't think i'm going to be listening to you like this all the time. im just... bored." mingyu said, taking wonwoo's textbook and flipping through random pages.

nevermind. wonwoo pulled the textbook away from mingyu, earning another annoyed look from the younger, and turned to right page.

just like a few hours ago, mingyu zoned out whilst wonwoo was explaining something he didn't understand nor want to. if he was going to be spending more time with wonwoo, he might as well have a little fun with it. "do you have a boyfriend?" mingyu suddenly asked, interrupting wonwoo and making the elder look up at him from the book.

he was confused by the sudden question. "i don't see how that's any of your business or how it's related to math."

mingyu shrugged, "it's just a question. is there something wrong with me being curious?"

"i guess not." wonwoo trailed.

"exactly. so, do you?" mingyu tugged a small smile as leaned in to hear wonwoo's response.

"no." wonwoo simply answered. mingyu's face obviously showed disappointment, hoping for something more exciting for them to talk about other than school stuff.

"really?" mingyu questioned, wonwoo nodding. "wow, no wonder you're so uptight. you need a good fuck."

wonwoo drops his mouth open at the other boy's words. "excuse me?" he says, trying to keep his composure.

"it's true, right? you need a good fuck to relieve some stress of being the council president." mingyu smirks, making wonwoo's blood boil and hating how mingyu could make him so angry so easily. "don't worry though, i can change that."

suddenly, wonwoo grabbed mingyu by the collar and pulled him towards so close their faces were only a few inches away from each other. "look, i don't what your trying to do, but it's not funny. first you say you hate me and now you're fucking flirting with me. what the hell is wrong with you? if all you want to do is piss me off and make me angry, then fine. i couldn't care less if you got expelled, it will be one less delinquent i would have to deal with. you're just like the rest who think i'm the perfect student and think i'm like a fucking doll who doesn't have feelings" wonwoo ranted out of anger.

silence echoed throughout the library, everyone staring at the heated scene in the corner of the room. the elder released his grip from mingyu's collar, pushed his things into his bag and stormed out the library.

usually, mingyu wouldn't be effected by these words after hearing them multiple times. but for some reason, it felt different when it came from wonwoo.

for some reason, he actually took wonwoo's words to heart.

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