Antisocial teenagers {Muichiro Tokito}

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Fluff, female reader, no manga spoilers.


Once a year, the Demon Slayer Corps allows its members to relax and join in a big celebration at the Ubuyashiki estate. Musicians from all over the world play melodious pieces of classic music, dozens of chefs prepare meals of indescribably delicious flavors, and dancers, singers, and painters come to entertain everyone. The place is illuminated by thousands of lights that turn off to focus on one specific person when needed. It was, officially, Oyakata-sama's birthday party. Despite him affirming that he didn't need such a grand celebration, his wife, children, and pillars insisted on making a big deal out of it.

Being the newest pillar, you had no idea a celebration like that took place until Mitsuri informed you of such, suggesting to gather together at her estate to dress up. Honestly, the dressing up part was funnier than you initially thought I'd be, with Kanao and Nezuko joining in after you were done. Shinobu even let you style Nezuko's hair while she did yours!

Entering the party, you couldn't believe it was the Ubuyashiki estate due to how beautifully decorated it was. Admiration for the music and decorations halted when you laid your eyes on the dessert bar. Mochi, taiyaki, dango, sponge cakes, daifuku.... all so delicious looking that you could barely keep yourself from drooling on your plate. A few minutes into the party and your plate was filled to the top, juggling to stay still.

"Have you seen Muichiro?" you asked to the wind pillar, who was attempting to discreetly peek at the ohagi mountain on the table.

"Uh? No."

"Here," you picking some from your plate to shove it inside his mouth. He was furious at your actions, but munched the sweet nonetheless "I hate seeing people struggle"

You patted his shoulder since you weren't tall enough to pat his head, and kept walking around looking for Muichiro, all answers being negative, as if he had evaporated.

"Himejima-san" you called, neck hurting for how much you bended it trying to address yourself to him "Do you know where Muichiro is?"

"Have you checked the library?"

"Oh, no. Why would he be there?" you frowned, confused by his suggestion.

He only smiled and turned his attention back to Kagaya, leaving your tiny form alone. With that, you headed to the library, skipping through the empty dark hallways until reaching the big open doors that lead to that paradise of marvellous stories. Stepping in, you noticed a young boy's black-faiding-into-turquoise hair, too characteristic to be mistaken. His back was resting on a bookshelf as he sat on the floor surrounded by books, all his focus on one.

"What are you doing here?"

You put your plate on top of a pile of books that worked as a table; patted your dress' skirt then sat down next to him. Your hands took a daifuku out of the plate, your teeth sinking into that delicious treat.

"I'm not good with parties" he shrugged, flipping a page.

"Neither am I. Oh, I came for the desserts though, do you want one?" you offered, handing him mushi pan, which he took without drifting his eyes from his reading.

He kept reading and flipping his book while you peacefully finished everything you'd brought with you.

"I wish I'd gotten more sweets..." you pouted, hitting the back of your head with the shelf on accident "Ouch!"

"I thought you were the kind of person who likes grand celebrations" he finally spoke, taking the last mochi out of your hands.

"Hey!" you whined, but he ate it nonetheless, leaving you no option but to accept defeat "They're boring. Lots of people talk, dance, and that type of stuff, but I've never been good with any of that."

"Same here. The library is much quieter and it's always empty, so I can just stay in here all night."

"Oh God. We're a couple of antisocial teenagers."

"If you say so"

Finally, he lifted his head off the book, the corner of his eye catching the goosebumps on your skin.

"Why would you put that on? You're exposing too much skin, it's only natural you get cold." he frowned, put the book aside and stood up.

You followed him with your gaze, hugging yourself to keep in some warmth.

"To look pretty"

"You're already pretty without all that."

"Yeah, right..." you mumbled, taking off your heels and throwing them to nowhere in particular.

Muichiro took out a giant knitted blanket from a wooden box that was all dusty and covered with old books. He left it there the first year he had attended the party, knowing that the same hollow celebration would take part every year from then on.

He wrapped it around the both of you, it was large enough to cover everything and more. You handed him his book so he could begin where he left it. You snuggled closer to him, trying to take a peek at the book.

"It's a strategy book"

"Whaaaat?! That's boring! Let's go look for a more exciting one!" you rolled your eyes and stood up.

Muichiro sighed, then lifted his arms so you could pull him and make him stand up. You both began looking around the inmense library for a book that would be more interesting to read. Ocassionally, you had to tiptoe in order to reach the entire bookshelf. Muichiro was smarter and used a ladder to climb on and grab any book he needed.

At the end, he had a horror book while you brought a romantic novel. You snuggle up together with the blanket covering your bodies. Muichiro opened the horror book and leant it a bit so you could read comfortably as well. A few pages in, he noticed you were uncomfortable, having goosebumps even though your skin wasn't cold anymore.

"(Name), why are you scared? you fight demons everyday."

"Ghosts aren't demons! I can't kill ghosts!" you cried, shaking your head in an exaggerated way.

"It's just a book, you've got nothing to fear. I'm right beside you, okay?"

You still fidgeted, embarrassingly staring at your lap.

He shut the book and gestured you to open the novel, making your eyes shine again. As you placed it in the middle so you both could read, you rested your head on his shoulder, enjoying the calmness that came from being with Muichiro.

You didn't realize how much time had passed, the clocks were covered by dust and at that point it was impossible they'd work. Your eyelids had a harder time staying open, until you two surrendered and let yourselves fall asleep between each other's warmth.


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