Chapter 1: Unsettled

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Life is unpredictable. Just when you think you are doing the right thing, it betrays you and all hell breaks loose.

Riding a bicycle was never my thing and I was not allowed to cycle when I was younger. I went cycling that day because I needed a distraction. I needed something else to focus on because he told me to stop thinking about what we saw at his father's symposium. He kept on trying to convince me that, it is not what I thought it is. All that has been going on and on in my mind since that day was, these people are not good people and are about to commit a huge crime.

 He kept denying it and asked me to get my mind off it. By doing this, he gave me another thing to think about. Why doesn't he want me to think about it? Isn't he just as curious as I am? It has been two weeks since we witnessed that incident and things were not the same between us anymore.

As I was cycling around the empty roads of my neighbourhood, the wind blew across my face. The whirling of the wind and the cool sensation that I felt was meant to be a distraction. I wished it would blow my thoughts away, but obviously, it didn't. I wanted things to go back to normal. I wanted to investigate more cases with him and have arguments about our views on suspects, the motive of the criminal and how to capture them. We didn't even get any new clients since the poisoned chocolate case except for the ones who wanted us to find their missing bunny and puppies. 

For the past two weeks, he has been so distant and I was sure he was hiding something. Just then, my phone vibrated in my pocket. Who's calling me now? Stopping my bicycle at the pavement, I answered it without bothering to look at the caller's name.

" Blaze, where are you? Are - you - at your house? " said a very familiar voice in a very unfamiliar manner. His voice sounded urgent and a little shaky. Nic has never sounded like that before. His voice was always calm, clean and clear.

"No, I am outside, riding my bicycle which, I never used for the past 7 years because you asked me to get my mind of that incident. Hey, is everything alright? You sound different." I hesitated a little before replying.

" Wait, what? You don't even know how to ride a bike! What were you thinking? Blaze, just go back-,"

" I figured it out, okay? What's the big deal? Plus, I am wearing all the safety gears so I'll be fine. I needed a distraction, Nic. You don't just call me and tell me what to do after not answering my calls, replying to my texts and not showing up for Siddharth's birthday party. I could not find a valid reason for absence because I, myself have no idea what you have been up to." I snapped as anger pulsated through my veins.

"Blaze, um, just-just go home, okay? Go home and stay safe. I have something very, very important to tell you and I can't do it on the phone. It's urgent. I know, I have been a jerk but I'll explain. Please, just go back to your house." He paused for a second.

"Go back, now. "

It sounded more like an order than a request. I didn't know what to say. Questions after questions zoomed around my mind but I knew he was not it the condition to answer me. I told him I would go back right way but another pause followed.

" You didn't con-continue to investigate about the men-men in black long coats, right?"

"Yes," I replied instantly. Before, ending the call, he reminded me to be careful. That was a weird phone call. To get to my house faster, I paddled home thinking about all the things that I wanted to say to him so that he tells me more than what he really wants me to know. Feeling uneasy, I was determined to get home before he arrived. I reached the street across my house within five minutes and there was a one-way road that separated me and my house.

 I turned left to see if there were any cars coming. As usual, the road was empty. I have already started paddling but then, I realised I did not turn right. Just as I looked to my right, a black Ford Ranger was only three meters away. Trying not let panic petrify me, I paddled the fastest I could to get out of the car's way. You can make it.

YES. This is a one-way road, stupid. I made it but the car was still coming towards me. No, it is coming for me. In milliseconds, with full speed, the car hit my bicycle. One second I was on the bike, the next, I was thrown away with huge force. I skidded down the road and my bicycle flew in another direction. Then, there was a moment of complete silence. 

My arms burned in pain and my left cheek felt like it was rubbed with sandpaper. A shooting pain started growing around my chest area as I tried to inhale and exhale to check if I was alive. When my vision was finally clear, the black car was miles away. I observed my arms and saw multiple scrape wounds. There was blood on my face too. My jeans had torn patches and splotches of blood.

 I used to be happy that there were not many residents around my neighbourhood. At that time, I wished somebody would sit by my side and tell me everything was going to be alright. When I tried to call out for help, only air came out. I just sat there, shaking, trying to fathom what just happened. I couldn't command myself to do anything. My house was just right there, but it hurt so much to move. With so much pain, I removed my helmet and lied down on the pavement beside me. Someone wants you dead, Blaze.


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