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KENMA KOZUME HAS NEVER BEEN A SOCIAL PERSON IN LIFE. He was more of an introvert than extrovert really, and nobody paid any attention to introverts so he was perfectly fine. But all of a sudden she came along and entered his life like a storm.

It was his first year in middle school when he first met her. Kenma being Kenma, avoided everyone and played on his PSP until class started. The bangs of his hair covered his eyes, his fingers tapping onto the colored buttons as if he were playing a complexed sheet of music on the piano. He was the star in his own little world, along with his best friend Kuroo of course.

Anyways, he planned on doing that for the rest of his school years. But suddenly, a cheery girl popped up in front of him with a huge smile spreading her lips.

"Hi!" she waved, quickly gaining the boy's attention. "I'm L/n Y/n!" she quipped, brushing a small strand of her hair away from her eyes, the complete opposite of what he would have done.

"Hey," he mumbled lowly in response, though her ears were quick to hear. "I'm Kozume Kenma."

"Nice to meet you Kozume-San!" the girl exclaimed happily, her smile never dropping off of her face. Kenma wondered if she was like this all the time. If yes, she joined the list of people to avoid.

"You can call me Kenma if you want," his voice trailed off, and his eyes went back onto the screen, his fingers tapping on the screen eagerly. He still wasn't able to pass level twenty of his game, mostly because of the distraction in front of him.

"What!?" the girl shouted, becoming all flustered like. "Are you sure?"

He nodded, hoping his response would then make her leave. But sadly, it didn't work out like that at all. The girl grabbed her stuff and sat right in the seat in front of him. He was interesting to her, and she wanted to know more about the cute boy who seemed to be addicted to the small gaming device.

"So," she said, dragging the 'o'. "Whatcha playing?"

"A game," he bluntly replied. His body tensed up as the strange girl leaned in closer to get a better look at the screen. Why was she getting so close?

"Okay," she laughed with a small nod. "But what game?"

He shrugged, eyes still locked onto his character. "I don't know,"

"You're already sorta boring," the girl groaned. "But that's fine, we're all different. Did you sign up for any clubs yet?" She asked, changing the topic.

Kenma nodded, but his eyes never left the screen. "Yeah, I'm doing volleyball."

Suddenly, Y/n's eyes shot up. Her eyes easily showed how interested she became. "That's so cool!" she exclaimed. "Really? You're playing volleyball Kenma?"

He nodded once again.
'Why isn't she gone yet?'

"I didn't expect you to be the sporty type, but that's awesome!" she smiles, leaning away.

"I'm only playing for a friend," he sighed, slightly shaking his head. "I don't really like it that much." Kenma really didn't. He can't say he had a passion for it because he didn't at all, but it's not something he hates with his whole heart. Volleyball was just, there. Sometimes he didn't mind it, sometimes.

"What?!" the girl exclaimed, jumping out of her seat. "BUT VOLLEYBALL IS SO MUCH FUN! HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE IT!? ONE DAY I'LL MAKE SURE YOU LOVE IT AND-"

"L/n," scolded their teacher, interrupting her ramble, her glare was icy scaring her a bit. "Sit back and your seat and be quiet."

"I- oh," she stuttered, clearly embarrassed of herself. "I'm sorry." She quickly sat back down feeling guilty from getting scolded by the teacher on the first day.

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