The attack

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I was walking down the streets of Japan. I am a girl who works in the spider habit at the local zoo and one of the best video game players in Japan.

I was with my sister Ria and her boyfriend Kai. We were shopping when he heard some folks screaming.

All three of us turned our heads to see a thief with a really sharp knife in his hands. 

He was running towards me sister and her boyfriend.

"Ria". i yelled

I ran towards them and became a shield towards my sister.

Then i felt a sharp pain in me. 

I was coughing up blood and people called 9-1-1 but it was too late.

"Sis". i said

My sister came to me.

"Please put my computer in the bathtub and please take care of the spiders for me". i said

She started to cry and some of her tears landed on me.

Then i hear a voice before my world went black.

"Spider Body Active". someone said

I closed my eyes as i heard my sister calling my name. 

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