Chapter 4- The Lair of Love

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We laid face to face, touching each other. Her skin was soft, her hair smooth, her smile like the goddamn sun. Once in a while she'd giggle and my entire insides warmed. The way I loved her was fucking ridiculous. How was I supposed to function in the world when every emotion in me was tied to this woman? How did I ever do it?

When she tried to leave the bed, I wrapped my arm around her waist. "Don't go."

She pushed her hair over her shoulders, sat up, and looked down at me. "I have to text my sister. I don't want her stranded, but she'll have to go away."

I'd forgotten that there were other people in her life. "Does that mean I can I stay with you tonight?"

Riya reached to me, squeezing my cheeks. "You're not going anywhere, bear. She'll have to make arrangements for another room."

I rubbed my face, hating that I had to deal with logistics in the middle of this dream. "She can have mine. I'll call Percy."

She scrunched her face. "Who's he?"

"The concierge." Percy's job was to make his guests happy. He could figure out a room switch. "He makes things happen. He's fucking magical."

She raised her eyebrows. "Really? Magical?"

I sat up next to her and kissed her shoulder. "Like you. Let me call him."

I left her in the bed, figuring better that I get up than her. My pants were in a pile of clothes on the floor. I dug out my phone, glancing back at her to make sure she stayed put. If I had my way, she wouldn't step one foot onto the ground for however long we'd have together.

Four days. I was supposed to leave in four days.

I scrolled through my contacts for Percy and caught her checking me out. She lifted her shoulders and grinned, hugging herself. The moon beams streaming through the window caught just enough of the light to catch the twinkle in her eye. She held the white sheet over her chest and bit her lip, watching me. Maybe neither one of us was positive the other wouldn't disappear.

Percy answered on the first ring and made the necessary arrangements. He also offered to send up food, god bless him. Before he let me hang up, he said, "It's Miss Riya's first time with us. Did you know she's never seen Venus at Christmas?"

As I listened, Riya pulled my T-shirt over her head. It hung from her shoulders to the bed as she sat, her legs crossed under her, looking sexy as fuck. I wanted to tell Percy that she wasn't going to see Venus this year, either, because I planned on keeping her naked and confined as long as possible. Admittedly, Venus had become a special place to me thanks to Percy. Someday, I'd show Riya. But tonight, instead of engaging Percy in a talk about the wonders of his town, I thanked him and hung up. I needed to get back to my girl.

My girl. You're my girl.

Jacob, please don't call me that.

Don't call you mine?

No, don't call me your "girl."

Okay, how about you're my bitch?

You're impossible!

On my way to the bed, I almost stepped on Riya's phone. I handed it to her and she called her people, explaining the situation ("I'm staying with Jacob and you all need to disappear") and rushing them off. After a handful of calls—her sister, an agent, a stylist— her crew was informed of the situation and she returned her attention to me.

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