ooh cover contest?

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i need a cover

and i want a lot of options


i wanted to do a cover contest?

don't put the title on it bc I always change the title ok just put my name on it.


oh it sounds so amazing


here's how it's gonna work out kids

you make me a cover with my name on it (I also have a wide selection of selfies that I will put in chapters that you can pick from or use some epic tumblr hipster shit bc yay) and then create a new story called 'addys cover contest' or some shit like that. I will find it (that's not creepy pssssh whaaaaaaat) and pick my favourite

create the book and put the cover for my book as the cover for that book ️aye

or you can attach it in a chapter or whatever

ik it's confusing but deAL WITH IT

ok thanks lovelies!!

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