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(a/n): tw: mentions of triggering & sensitive topics; violence and profanites. Read at your own discretion.


Eyes glinting maliciously in the dark with only the moon being as the only source of light — with a flick of her wrist, a gush of water encased around the youmu and restraining it while containing itself inside the bubble-like cage.

Seeing the creature being trapped inside it sent a wave of underlying satisfaction mixing with the feeling of sadism and spite coursing through her veins.

With another flick of the wrist with the hand that held the gunsen firmly in her grasp; the creature was sliced in half by the teen with glowing eyes that had hints of greyish blue in them.

The kind of eyes that would make someone think of a cat's eyes at night that reflected lights; causing an eerie feeling to engulf one's being and making their skin crawl at night upon meeting one.

The creature soon disintegrated into nothing but an ore-like stone that was dropped to the ground with a soft thud.


(a/n): hi hi hiiii I am back with another new fic and it's toilet bound hanako-kun,,,, oops I have no self control 🤔 ANW here's a quick sneak peek hehe

complete chapter will come out sometime next week or tomorrow :")

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