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This time around, I'm really at a loss for words... I can't believe this story's over!!! 😱😱

Fun fact: I wrote ~80% of this story in about a month... Most of it on my work laptop at my new job last summer. Thankfully, I finished it just in time because then work got super busy and my writing time has become very limited 😔

Nevertheless! I want to thank you all for sticking with me and making it this far!😊

Once more, a special shoutout to Norwood515 and DavidEAnderson100  who've been there with/for me every step of the way 🤗

Big thank you to AlissonMagda who's been quietly tagging along - I see you and I appreciate you! 👀😘

I'd like to welcome JustRandomMe96  to the odyssey - waking up to your comments on Vodka Espresso has made it easier to get out of bed some mornings, so thanks for that 😂

Sorry if I've missed anyone - I'm grateful to each and every one of you who've chosen to take a chance on Ingrid! Her story is far from over... but this new chapter in her life is proving very difficult to grasp.

While I'm cooking it up and in case you haven't already, why don't you head on over and take a look at some (or all! 😉) of my other Ingrid stories (listed below in recommended reading order):

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Stay tuned for the next installment - currently estimating a long-ish novel, tentatively titled Flat White Rum (TBA spring, I think/hope... 😬)*.

Or my OpenNovellaContest entry, coming soon(er). Working title: Seacliff. Inspired by a trip I took last year to Ireland and Scotland 🔜



PS: leaving you with a Romanian song which I never got to feature but is appropriately titled 'Tequila' and has a very sexy music video... 😏

*LE 14 March: I've decided to suspend working on Ingrid's odyssey for now, until the world calms tf down and I can figure out a storyline for the last two instalments. In the meantime, there's Seacliff which I'm posting as I go along - a historical fic with romance & fantasy elements. Knowing me, it's bound to get steamy so check it out 😉

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