Rakugaki no Kokoro VII. The Caelum Mafia

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Rakugaki no Kokoro VII. The Caelum Mafia

Running as fast as her capable legs could carry her, Fang dashed to base underground where Vanille sat waiting. Fang refused just to sit idly by while Etro knows what the mafia could be doing to you. Torture? Murder? It could be anything. Taking the hidden entrance under the huge bridge that separated Eden and your hometown the brunette hurried to the cosy little hideout she, you and Vanille hung out in to hide away from troubles.

“Vanille! They’ve taken (Name)!” Fang panted at she reached the hideout.

The layout was fairly simple, just like any underground house should be (cause that’s totally normal). There was a separate room to store equipment like paints, brushes, utensils the whole lot. There was also a room that you kept permanently locked. That was the room where you kept your private paintings in. Not even Fang nor Vanille had been in there though they respected your privacy. And last but not least…an armoury. Filled with knives army vests, grenades and guns, just for times like these. Not that you and the girls were expecting anything like this to happen.

Vanille jumped to action.

   “D-do you know where they took her?” She questioned loading up her computer.

“To the Caelum building most likely.” Fang replied joining her red haired friend.

“Still Fang I highly doubt we’d succeed in saving her. For starters in the impossible event that we did save her the Mafia would just as easily take her back.” Vanille said sadly. Fang gritted her teeth.

“We can’t just sit around doing nothing!” Fang growled clenching her fists.

“You don’t even know if they are actually harming her though. Please Fang try to calm down.” Fang took a deep breath calming her nerves. Vanille was right. Plus, what reasons did they have to hurt you anyway?

 “We just need to sit tight until we can contact her. I’ll bet they took her phone, we’ve just got to be patient. I know you don’t like this idea and neither do I, but we have to be calm and patient about this. Does Sally know?” Vanille asked swivelling around in her chair. Fang shook her head.

“Not yet. I’ll go and make up a story so she doesn’t get worried, you ok here?” Vanille nodded and gave Fang a small smile.

“Everything will turn out fine Fang. I promise.” 

You stood their trying not to fidget under Noctis’ calculating gaze. Balthier had moved to the other end of the office and lent against the bookshelf with his arms crossed. Ignis and Gladiolus stood on either side of Noctis with their arms behind their backs looking fairly professional.  

“So, I’ll get straight to it. You’re here because you owe me 5000 gil.” You bit your tongue to stop yourself from snapping a colourful remark. Who does this guy think he is? “I take it you have no combat skills?” You would have to lie about this part. Of course you had combat skills. You had been living a rough life ever since you were born.

“No.” You replied simply. Noctis nodded and wrote something down.

“Since you might be here for quite some time, I’ll have Gladiolus and few others teach you some skills, Snow will be one to give you your first lesson.” Your stomach dropped. What jobs would you be doing exactly? Noctis continued. “Meet them down in the training room every morning and evening at seven. I’ll have Lebreau show you around so you don’t get lost. Now onto rules.” You fought the strong urge to groan. It was like school all over again, only this time you wouldn’t just be sent to detention or isolation, you might possibly be killed. “You are not to leave the building without permission from either myself or Ignis. And if in the unlikely event that I do let you leave the building you will be accompanied by someone. Is that clear?” Noctis asked sternly. You nodded unable to speak. “Good then. You can start training this evening. Snow will be your tutor for today, but first come in Lebreau.” Noctis called. You turned as the door opened to reveal a female. She had shoulder length black hair and light brown eyes. Her attire however looked a little inappropriate for where she was. It looked like her clothing was more for beaches and holidays. Fortunately she looked nice and someone you could possibly talk to if you ever got lonely here.

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