70 | Where you first met

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Date: 4.7.20
Info: where (and how) you met.

Ponyboy: One night you were walking alone downtown, trying to get home. A teenage-ish boy approached you with two younger looking teenage boys following behind him. The boy, who you would later find out to be Dallas Winston, would not stop harassing you.

"What's a broad like you doing out alone, you need someone to take of you doll." he said following your footsteps closely behind.

"Leave her alone Dal."

You turned around to find one of the younger boys, the one with the bleached blonde hair, confronting the tall bully-like leader.

Dallas stormed off in anger after cursing him out and you were left standing there face to face with Johnny and Ponyboy. You all made small talk and then Ponyboy asked you for your phone number before you three parted ways.

Sodapop: You met Sodapop at the Dingo. You were subbing as a waitress for a few weeks and had been working the toughest 10-hour shift you'd ever been through.

It was your last table of the night before closing time and you knew you looked like hell. Even better, the last table sat five of the cutest greasers you'd ever seen in your life. You worked the table as best as you could, occasionally making small talk and exchanging eye contact with the cutest boy at the table who wore a faded red flannel.

When clearing the table after the boys left you found a note under the (generous) tip, it had a phone number and a little message written under it saying:

"To the waitress, you are one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen. I'd love to take you out on a date sometime. Call me. - Sodapop Curtis"

Darrel: Before Sodapop dropped out of school Mrs. Curtis hired a tutor for him in chemistry. Thankfully that tutor was you.

You were sitting with soda at the kitchen table, discussing density when Darrel Curtis, the senior you had a crush on for years returned home from football practice. He was, to say the least, irresistible in his uniform.

It wasn't until your third tutoring session that you actually talked to Darry. You were going to leave but your car wouldn't start. Darry and Mr. Curtis went to work on your car. Afterwards, you said your goodbyes to Mr. Curtis before he went back inside for the night. Darry gave you back your keys, along with a slip of paper revealing his phone number.

Dallas: You were Steve's girlfriend when you met Dallas.

The relationship between you and Steve was never significant, in other words, you were never really in love. Though you two thought so at the time.

Often when you were out on dates with Steve you guys would run into Dallas. You'd also spend some afternoons at the Curtis house with Steve when Dallas would hang out. He was quiet around you, what you now guess was out of respect for Steve. When he would speak to you it wasn't the same way he spoke to other greaser girls. Dallas Winston knew he liked you back then, but he was loyal. He couldn't take you away from his friend.

Two-bit: You were in the 3 o'clock detention on a Wednesday afternoon. You were late to school that morning through no fault of your own. Your ride, some Soc named David who worked for your dad, got a flat on the way to school. David got off with a warning, and since you weren't exactly "social royalty" the principle wrote your detention slip faster than you could imagine.

You were sitting in detention daydreaming about a cartoon you watched over the weekend when the classroom door swung open to Mrs. Howard dragging some greaser by his ear.

"Your hurting me Howie!" The boy yelped comically, he knew what he was doing when all the other kids in detention chuckled to the comment.

"Silence students!" Mrs. Howard gelled angrily while directing the greaser to the seat directly in front of you.

All throughout the rest of detention the boy kept looking back at you making the funniest faces. You both held in laughs as if you and this random boy you'd never met had an inside joke and had known each other forever.

After the session of detention ended the boy introduced himself as Two-bit in the parking lot of the school building. He also offered you a ride home which you happily took considering your ride home was long gone at that point.

Johnny: You met Johnny in 2nd grade. You were very shy as a child, and you were the new kid at school.

You watched all of the kids playing at recess. Girls skipping ropes, laughing. Boys chasing each other, chatting amongst one another. Lonely, you sat aside the school building longing for a friendship. That's when Johnny Cade, a small Italian boy missing his two front teeth sat beside you. The rest is history.

Steve: You were a good friend of Sandy's and she wanted to set you up on a blind date. Your blind date ended up being her boyfriends best friend, Steve. You'd seen him around town on occasion before then, but it was nothing significant, you didn't even know his name.

The date didn't go too well, you were both entirely too nervous and felt so pressured by the blind date. You and Steve never spoke again after that date until 3 months later when you ran into him working at the DX where he asked you on a date. You happily accepted the date, and your second first date with Steve was so much better. You two were inseparable after then.

Tim: You were at your friend Angela's house for a sleepover. You and Angela had been friends for a while but you'd only ever met her brother Curly. You knew of Tim but never met him, and that's because he'd been in the slammer for your whole friendship with Angela.

It was around 2 am, Angela was already asleep and you were lying restless in her room. All of a sudden there was a rapid yet quiet knock coming from the Shepard's front door. Being that you were the only one awake, you ran to get it.

When you opened the door an out of breath Tim stood there, he pushed you out of the way and slammed the door shut when he was inside. You two didn't exchange words, he just gave you a nod and walked off into what was presumably his room.

The next day Ponyboy Curtis told you about the rumble they'd had the night before. Tim got out of prison that day and wasn't going to miss the rumble. The police ended up chasing Shepard afterwards, but he'd gotten away. Angela and Curly didn't even know Tim was out of jail at that point.

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