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Jimin could see the look of disappointment on his husband's face, and he let out a deep sigh, another negative pregnancy test.

"I am sorry," Jimin whispered to Jungkook while throwing the pregnancy stick into the garbage. He felt like a failure for not being able to give his husband the one thing he wanted, a child.

Jungkook pulls him into his arms and kisses him at his temple, "Please don't be, we will have a baby someday, maybe it's just not our time right now." As much as Jungkook wanted a child, he never wants his husband to feel like he was at fault for why they do not have kids.

"Jungkook you know that's not possible, we have tried everything. I think the doctors are right; I can't have kids, and I am sorry. I believe we need to stop discounting this and try an alternative as they mentioned, maybe we get a surrogate."

"I told you I am not okay with someone else carrying our child Jimin. There so many things to consider when thinking about doing something like that. What if they carry the child and then decide they don't want to hand the baby over to us, what if-"

Jimin reaches up and puts his finger over Jungkook's lips, "Kookie stop with the what-ifs. We can hire an attorney, create a binding agreement, this baby would be ours, your sperm, my egg, just someone else carrying the child I am unable to carry. I know you are against it, but I want to give you a baby, I need to provide you with one. I promised you when we were in high school that we would have mini us running around once we grew up and got married, but it's been seven years of marriage and no baby. I want us to have a child Jungkook, and I don't see any other way, but this way."

Jungkook sighs and throws his head back, "what if we don't have a child, just let it be. Us together is good enough."

"No, it's not, and you know it. You have dreamt of having a son from the start of our marriage until ten minutes ago. I don't want to be the reason why you never got to be a father; I want us to have a child. I might not be able to carry the baby myself, but it would be our baby. Please let us consider it?" Jimin looked up at his husband pleadingly; he was hoping Jungkook would agree and not be stubborn about things, he needed to ensure they had a baby together, even if it was just one, it was what his Jungkook deserved.

Jungkook found it hard ever to tell his husband no, and he hated seeing Jimin bothered by anything or unhappy. "Where would we even find a surrogate? Do we have to go through an agency? I don't have to sleep with anyone, right?"

Jimin couldn't help but laugh at Jungkook's last question, "No, baby, you don't have to sleep with anyone. Typically we could go through an agency, and they would find someone that is fitting for us; however, I found someone that I think would be perfect in carrying our baby."

"What do you mean you found someone? Who is the someone, and when did you even start looking into this?" Jungkook was lost, but not that he should be Jimin was always ahead, especially when he wanted something.

"He is a student of mines, his name his-"

"A STUDENT?! I don't want a kid carrying my child." Jungkook walks away from Jimin and into their room; he was starting to think Jimin idea was possible until the mention of him wanting one his student to be their surrogate.

Jimin runs after his husband, pushing down onto the bed and jumps onto him, straddling him. "Can you stop being so dramatic, I am a professor, not a high school teacher. He is already twenty-one, and I think he would be perfect."

Jungkook was unable to think straight with Jimin straddling him but tried his best to focus on their conversation. "Baby, wouldn't that be a conflict, and why would you want to use your student when you said we could use an agency?"

"He did not sign up for my class this semester because he is unable to afford it. He is so smart Jungkook, reminds me so much of myself, except he is a lot more reserve, kind of like you. He has a beauty out of this world, and I have told him he is wasting his talents, he should've gone into acting, or even modeling, gosh he would look so good on the cover of Vogue.

Anyway, he is struggling a lot financially, and I feel really horrible about it, especially when I see him having so much potential. I think if we hire him, he could do this for us, and we can pull him out of his financial problems, which would allow him to finish school. He was supposed to graduate last year, but he couldn't because he has to be working and going to school."

Jungkook caresses Jimin's jaw, "you know you can't save everyone, right?" He knew how Jimin functioned and the kind of heart he had behind his sassy personality, it was one of the reasons he fell for him their first week in high school. Jungkook was a hundred percent sure about Jimin after their very first date out to the movies. He had made a promise after that night that Jimin was going to be in his future. He was going to marry him, and they were going to have a beautiful family together. There was no one to him like Jimin.

"I know Kookie, I know, but if we are going to have a surrogate, I would want it to be him. He is perfect Jungkook, I know you might think this is just me wanting what I want, but I promise you baby, this time, it's all for you and us, our future."

"Jimin, you know I will do anything you want." Jungkook gave in and pulled Jimin down onto him, allowing their lips to collide as he flips them over as he buries the questions that were running through his mind.

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