Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Chapter Twenty-Seven 

The door of the movie theatre bathroom's hinges creaks open as I looked out. "And... Blend." I informed everyone and we all blend into the crowd. 

I hold onto Stiles' hand nervously as we walked into the crowd. No one was even looking at our direction. Erica looked over at Dustin. "Well, shit, that worked." 

"Course it worked." Dustin smiled. "We just have to get on the bus with the rest of these plebes, and home sweet home, here we come." 

"Uh, Dustin?" Stiles questions nervously beside me. I gave him a look. 

"What?" Dustin looked over his shoulder at us. 

"Yeah, we might not wanna go to your house," Stiles informs him. 

"Why?" Dustin raised an eyebrow. 

"Well, I might've told him your and Stacey's full name." Stiles cleared his throat. 

"What is wrong with you?" I hissed at him, shooting a glare in his direction. 

"I was drugged!" Stiles hissed back. 

"So?" Dustin gives Stiles a look. 

Stiles frowns. "So?"

"So, you resit." I smack Stiles' arm. "You tough it out. You tough it out like a man..." I trailed off. 

"Oh, yeah, it's easy for you to say, your not a man," Stiles argued back. 

"Neither are you but I'm not complaining," Stiles huffed at my comment. 

"Guys?" Robin questions over Erica's laugh. Erica stopped laughing at us, we all came to a halt as we spot the Russian guards speaking with each other a few seconds away from us. 

"Abort," Dustin instructs. That's when the man with the ponytail and dressed in all black made eye contact with me, making my heart almost dropped. "Abort, abort." 

I pulled on Stiles' hand and we all turn in the opposite direction and we begin to run through the crowd of people that are walking our way. 

"Shit, shit." Robin curses, the escalators had stopped working. "Okay." I took a look down escalators middle part. 

"Come on, let's go." I decided we'd have to go down the middle, it was the only way. I let everyone go first, rushing them. I looked behind me and noticed the Russian man coming faster it. 

Quickly, I slide down and end at the bottom with the others, I stand up quickly and almost tripped up while running towards them but Stiles quickly caught me. 

I looked around me, there was no one down on this level. "Come on, hide behind here." I watched Steve run over to a counter, Stiles and I run after the others quickly. 

We hide behind the counters, pressing our backs against the counters and breathing as quiet as possible. 

My head was in Stiles' chest and my hand holds tightly to Dustin's as he was next to me. You could hear some Russian speaking, and the sound of footsteps coming closer to us. 

I squeeze my eyes shut, but opened them when I heard someone speak Russian into the radio. They found us, holy shit they found us. 

That's when the car alarm goes off, making my heart leap and I jumped, only back a gasp. That's when a crash happened, the six of us peek out from the counter. The men were on the ground, I'm guessing dead, and the car was all the way at the end of the mall, where it wasn't supposed to be, it was flipped upside down. 

There, upon the second level stood Eleven, with Mike, Will, Lucas, Max, Jonathan, and Nancy. A bgi smile appeared on my face and Dustin's. 

They heard us. 

With that, I hopped over the counter, and let out a cheer; throwing my hands up in the air. The others quickly came down. I wrapped my arms around Eleven, who lets go of Mike. 

"You flung that thing like a Hot Wheel!" Dustin cried out.  

"Lucas?" Erica's voice cracked as she looked over at her older brother. 

"What are you doing here?" Lucas exclaimed at her. 

I pulled away from Eleven and we had all gathered into a small circle. "Ask them, it's their fault." Erica points at me, Stiles, Robin, Dustin, and Steve as we coincidently stand next to each other. 

"True, yeah. Totally true." Stiles nods. "It's absolutely our fault."

Robin looked over at the car. "I don't understand what happened to that car." 

I pointed over at El. "El has superpowers." 

Robin's eyes widen. "Superpowers? She threw it with her mind and Stacey also has a powerful scream, and can sense the death or something like that. C'mon, catch up." Steve explained to Robin. 

I smiled at Steve. "You finally got it." 

"It's called a Banshee," Stiles grumbled behind me. 

"That's El?" Erica points over at El. 

"Who's El?" Robin questioned after Erica. 

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Nancy looked over ar Robin. 

"I'm Robin, I work with Steve," Robin explained. 

"Stacey cracked the top-secret code, along with Robin's help," Dustin suddenly bursts out. 

"Yeah, which is how we found out about the Russian in the first place." Steve continued to explain. 

"Russians? Wait, what Russians?" Jonathan quickly asks. 

"The Russians!" Stiles gestured towards the deadmen on the floor. 

Max looked at Stiles with wide eyes. "Those were Russians?"

"Some of them," Erica informs her. 

"What are you talking about?" Lucas throws hand gestures towards his little sister. 

"Didn't you hear our code red?" Dustin asks. 

"Yeah, I couldn't understand half of what you were saying." Mike shoots a look at Dustin. 

"Goddamn low battery," Dustin exclaimed. 

"How many times do I have to tell you with the low battery?" Steve looked over at Dustin, annoyance washes over his face. 

"About 100 times, he's a slow learner." I tease Dustin who shoots me a look. 

"Well, everything worked out, didn't it, Steve?" Dustin snapped. 

"Worked out?" Erica scoffs. "We almost died."

"Yeah, but we didn't, did we?" Stiles comments. "Where I'm from, we call that success." 

"It was pretty damn close." Steve sings. 

"Okay, Russians?" Lucas suddenly interrupted our banter. "As in, they're working for the Russian government?"

"What are you not comprehending?" Dustin asks his friend. "Am I not English? We have a full-blown Red Dawn situation." 

"So this has nothing to do with the gate?" Max questioned. 

"It has everything to do with the gate," I tell her. Suddenly, I watched Eleven who had walked away from the group collapsed to the ground. "Eleven!" 


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