Chapter 20

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When Caleb had told me had a safe place for me to stay hidden, this wasn't exactly what I had expected.

It was a fucking luxury apartment. Kingsized bed, marbled bathroom, jacuzzi. I could go on and on, but you get it. Basically, it was way above his paygrade. Caleb couldn't afford this, but then again, maybe he could. I had no idea who he was anymore, he could be a secret billionaire for all I knew.

I also had no idea who this 'A.T.S' was, who seemed to be the owner of this apartment, if we went by the initials on the door. I had to just assume it was one of Caleb's aliases. That, or the poor person who really owned this place would get some surprise upon his or her return.

I, however, couldn't be bothered with that at the moment. I was a fugitive, I was also aiding and 'a-bedding' (please do get the pun) a criminal, whom, as far as I also knew, was still captured within the walls of the very government that was searching for me as well. I had put good faith into Caleb to take care of that problem now that I knew how smart he really was(if I didn't before); If he could get me out, he could get Lauren out as well. And Lauren was more than capable of taking care of herself. She had proven on several occasions she could get both in and out of the CIA. No need for my assist.

So, I had taken the opportunity to lay back in that jacuzzi and had poured myself a glass of red wine. Glancing at Bob who in his fishbowl sat safely in the middle of the giant living room, where, would you believe it, the jacuzzi also was, I finally felt some peace. This place was a bachelor pad, but it certainly worked for a single lady as well. But seriously, who actually had a jacuzzi in the middle of the living room?

"Who cares," I drawled to Bob who was swimming around in circles in his fishbowl, happy as ever. "As long as the wine contains alcohol and the jacuzzi has bubbles, who really cares? Cheers."

I sighed and leaned back, sipping my wine. Normally I was a Jack Daniels girl, but today... well, red just suited me better.

For days I had been trying to swallow all the knowledge both Lauren and Caleb had fed me. Trying to absorb it. I was finding it difficult, though. Not so much that I couldn't believe it anymore, that I had long surpassed. It was more that... it just seemed so surreal. When you put it into perspective, it just sounded so ludicrous.

A pack of governmental people and mad scientists were experimenting on a bunch of geniuses. Just think about it. In my head it sounded something like 'Frankenstein' meeting 'Good Will Hunting'. Or maybe 'Kyle XY'.

A rustling by the door snapped me out of my thoughts and had me sitting upright in the jacuzzi. Reaching for the gun I had lying next to me, I grabbed it and armed it. What was the chances of a robbery occurring at the place a fugitive was hiding?

But then to my surprise I heard the sound of a lock turning with ease, meaning the person had a key. I heard footsteps coming down the hall, closing in. "Caleb, is that you?"

Of course it wasn't him. But of course it had to be her.

Looking exhausted and worn down, Lauren stepped out of her shoes and threw her jacket on the floor. She gave my gun a bored glance before continuing to undress, taking off her shirt with a painful groan. She revealed a battered blue and black body, but a gorgeous one nonetheless.

"What the actual hell are you doing here?" I asked, deciding I could put down the gun again. I instead fell back into the jacuzzi, aware that I was naked. Not that it bothered me, she had seen it all before, there was just no point in her seeing it again.

"Same thing you are," She replied, now unbuckling her dirty pants. "Making myself comfortable."

"Are you kidding me?" I snapped as she walked up to me, discarding her underwear, completely naked now. "What the—get the hell away, you're not coming in here with me!"

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