Chapter 1-All In A Days' Work

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Yes, before you comment. Rowan is a very laid back CEO and guy all around, not one of those ‘you will do as I say or get fired’ or ‘I'm a billionaire so I'm better then you.’ That’s only when he's pissed off so yeah! Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

All In A Days’ Work

Rowan’s POV

“Good morning Mr. Vheris, you have a meeting at 10 o’clock with the CEO of Stone Inc. and then one straight after that with Amanda. I've printed copies of the documents from the Jamaica project before filing them away, the originals are on your desk for a look over. You have a late lunch meeting with the CFO and COO at Acadia today as well, from the company you just took over.” Clair rambles off quickly as she follows me from the elevator into my office.

“Coffee.” I say while putting my briefcase down.

“Right here Sir.” She says professionally and hands it to me.

“Thank you.” I say and quickly take a sip.  

“Do you need anything else Sir?” She asks as I shrug of my suit jacket.

“A vacation.” I grunt making her giggle. “No seriously I need a fucking vacation.”

“I can organize one for you Sir.” She says while raising her brows after flipping open her cover for her IPAD.

“I love you, marry me.” I say while sitting down.

“Thanks, but you aren't my type.” She smirks making me roll my eyes.

“No I AM your type but you aren't mine. Those two mounds on your chest should be between your legs.” I say with a smirk as she blushes.

“You are very crude Mr. Vheris.” She says with a glare.

“Yes I am but you’re married to my brother so you should be used to this by now. We have a lot to do today. I need the files from the projects we’re starting in Cancun and South Africa.” I say while closing the first file and grabbing the next one.

“Yes sir, I’ll get it right away.” She nods and quickly walks out the room as my office phone rings.

“Vheris.” I answer while quickly typing an email. 

“Rowan, are you coming to the opening tonight?” Matthias asks gruffly.

I lean back in my chair and sigh. “I might, do you think there will be a decent sub for me to play with?”

“I'm hoping so because at this rate you’ll die alone.” He chuckles making me roll my eyes.

“You’re an ass. I’ll be there; maybe I can have a session with you and Lane.” I say suggestively and he curses lowly making me laugh. Never will he let another touch his husband/submissive.

“I can find you the perfect sub for tonight maybe even longer.” He throws back.

I nod and sigh. “Make sure you do. I have to get to work so I’ll talk to you later.”

“Alright I’ll see you tonight.” He says before we both hang up.

I sigh and kick my feet onto my desk while grabbing the next file. Clair walks in with the files and Bluetooth in ear as she talks quickly. She hands me the five files and I nod at her before she nods back and walks back out while holding the conversation with it seems one of the IT guys. Opening the files I quickly scan the content and frown at text.

“CLAIR, GET IN HERE!” I shout while picking up the phone.

“Good morning Mr. Vheris h-” Jackson starts but I cut him off.

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