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"You know, I never really liked violence."

Chaeryeong and Yeji stared down at the guard Yeji had knocked out. He gave a twitch of the leg, but not much else afterwards.

"But you're so good at it," Chaeryeong said, not taking her eyes away from the guy.

Yeji shook her head before pulling Chaeryeong along so they could escape the basement.

Ryujin was frozen in her spot in the backseat. Right beside her was a guard, and on the other side of the guard was Yuna, and she wasn't entirely sure who she should be most afraid of. All she knew was to sit still and maybe they'd forget she was still there.

The ride was pretty long, and they stopped only once because Yuna had to pee. Otherwise, they just kept driving.

Ryujin stared out the window, hoping someone she knew would see her and come to her rescue. But alas, she realized that the windows were tinted and it was very unlikely for someone to see her face. She felt like she was going to be sick again.

Yuna leaned forward in her seat, a big smile on her face because she was sadistic. "Only a little while longer, Ryu! Then you can be free to do whatever you wa—"


Yuna whipped her head around and Ryujin looked around the bodyguard to see what the noise came from.

Riding on a scooter was Yeji and Chaeryeong. Chaeryeong was driving while Yeji held a bag of what looked like Ryujin's soy sauce and a crate of eggs.

"What the..." was all Yuna could say before Yeji threw another bottle.


"Driver, step on it!" Yuna shouted.

"I'm trying, Miss, but traffic is—"

"I don't care about traffic. Go!"

The driver sighed before shifting gears and stepping on the accelerator. The car zoomed forward, just narrowly missing the surrounding cars as it pulled into a space between two cars. The little scooter was hot on their trail.


"Go go go!"

"I cannot—"

"Hit the other cars if you have to, you imbecile!"

Another sigh and they were shooting forward again, but also being thrown side to side as they squeezed through cars with reckless abandon. Yuna was gripping onto the driver's headrest, glancing back every few seconds to check the progress of Yeji and Chaeryeong. Ryujin curled herself into a ball as best as she could, trying not to get hurt. She could really do with a shot of soy sauce right then.


"They can still hit us, we aren't going fast enough!"

Ryujin wished Yuna would just shut. Up. Please.

They were thrown around until they weren't anymore. But Ryujin could feel the car go crazy fast, so she stayed down.

The car swerved and drifted around curbs and Ryujin was probably going to have motion sickness. Her eyes were closed, though. But still, she could feel everything happening, and that was not a good feeling.

The 'splats' stopped shortly after and Ryujin was left listening to Yuna's triumphant laughter. Ryujin wished that Yuna had gotten hit with an egg instead.

After a while, maybe half an hour, the car stopped. Still, Ryujin stayed in her position until her door was yanked open.

"Geez, you really destroyed these doors, huh?" Yuna chuckled.

Ryujin was pulled by her arm out the car, and she had to catch herself from falling before standing up all the way.

They were in front of a dingy apartment complex, the few people who probably lived there glancing over at them in curiosity. Ryujin avoided their gazes, even though she really wanted to ask them about the guy who helped create her.

Instead, Yuna approached an older woman who was hanging up clothes on a clothesline nearby.

"Excuse me, ma'am," Yuna sweetly interrupted. "I was wondering if a Shin was here? He looks like her."

Yuna pointed back at Ryujin.

"Shin? No. Just a bunch of Parks, Jungs, and one Moon."

Yuna's posture stiffened. "Well, has there been a Shin?"

"Oh yeah." The woman nodded up at the complex building. "Left a while ago. Don't know where he went."

"I think he died!" A guy hanging out his window yelled.

Yuna turned her attention to the guy. "What?" She called back in disbelief.

"Yeah, he left one day and didn't come back. Then the police and a bunch of other people went inside his apartment."

Yuna stood there for a moment, and Ryujin didn't have to look at her face to know what she was feeling.

Yuna suddenly took off, and Ryujin hesitated for a moment before following.

i think there's one or two more parts until it's finished dndndndb

then i can post more fics and wait 69 years to finish them🤠

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