Valentine's Day Contest 2020!

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Love is a battlefield, on one side, victories take the shape of happy ever afters, on the other, heartbreak leaves lessons learned. Sometimes, after a setback, we dust off our knees and get right on up on the love train. Sometimes, we take a minute to wonder whether or not we are better off without it. This year's Saint Valentine's contest will be dedicated to first love and first heartache. Do you have what it takes to write a story of either love or loss?

But wait, writing is not your thing? Then stay around because this time, we are bringing fun activities for all. Are you pretty much the poster child of all things love? Or does Saint Valentine's day makes you go "Noooope!" It's time to pick a team! Wait around after the announcement of the contest because we have something for Community in general as well!

These are our participating languages this year:

Bahasa Indonesia






Japanese (as sponsor)




Together we will reach out to more than 2.5 million Wattpadders!

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