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0.15 ; my date with destiny

It's Crystalline who wakes me. Her voice is solemn and, when she speaks, she sounds nothing like the bright and excitable woman that I've gotten to know over the past week.

And yet, I don't have a clue why she is like this: today is the day I go into the arena. Today is the day I become the hunter. My heart begins to pound in my chest as my brain whirs with the thought of the launch. Crystalline will take me to the hovercraft at 10, then I go to the launch room with the peackeepers and meet Cecilia, who will put the final finishing touches on my arena attire, then it's launch time. I can hardly wait.

"Clove?" she says, her voice low and barely audible "Clove? Are you ready?"

I sit bolt upright in answer, and shoot a sly smile in her direction. "Never been readier." 

She gives me a nervous laugh and bites down on her lower lip, her eyes leaking worry and anxiety. "That's good to know." she says, shakily "I have your clothes here. Cecilia will give you the others in the launch room." She passes me a large mound of neatly folded garments, then tells me to go and change in the bathroom.

Once in my bathroom, I set the clothes down on the floor and sort through them. The pile consists of a pair of khaki green combat pants, some thermal leggings to wear underneath, a reddish-brown t-shirt, some thick woollen socks, and a pair of lace-up leather boots, very much like the ones I wear at home, back in 2.

I guess that it's the same for every tribute, although they usually have something to distinguish the different districts. This year, my thoughts are that we all have different coloured t-shirts.

I change into my arena outfit, then examine my reflection in the small mirror above the sink. I look average, if not extremely small, and not very intimidating. In other words, I look nothing like a career. Especially not with my long dark brown hair appearing to be some kind of curtain over my face. Right, it's hair styling time!

I guess my ponytail-with-plaited-sides training look didn't go too well, so maybe something a little different, more like my usual self. I pull my hair back into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band that I find in one of the bathroom cabinets, then look back in the mirror. Swishing my hair this way and that shows that it'll get in the way and fly in my face if I leave it: not convenient at all if you're in a death match with twenty three other kids.

In the end, I manage to make it look marginally cooler, and more practical, by securing the ponytail at intersections down its length, with more elastic bands. Then I gather up my old clothes and leave the bathroom.

Crystalline is waiting for me in my bedroom. I dump my pile of old clothes on my bed and walk towards her. "Right, now for breakfast." she says, but suddenly, someone bursts into the room. I look towards the door, to find Tallulah. 

"Clove!" she says, running towards me in her heels "I just wanted to wish you good luck!" Then, she just leaves, without even saying anything else. Just good luck. Well, that's enough I suppose.

Crystalline orders some breakfast from the hole in the wall and I just eat, not really comprehending what the meal is, only the fact that it's got hardly any taste.

And now, it's time. I take a deep breath and say "I'm ready Crystalline. I'm ready for launch." She looks down at me and stares at me with those bright green eyes. 

"Do you have your token?" she says quietly. 

"My what?" I reply, confused. What does she mean by token?