Cold Winter Nights

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As the nights got colder you found yourself shivering in your bed, even when Senku would wrap his arms around your waist and pull you in close you still felt the cold creeping up under the blankets.

"W-why does winter have to last s-so long?" you say, your teeth chattering.

"There are only around 50 more days until spring y/n then it will start getting warmer," Senku says burying his head into the crook of your neck.

"That doesn't help me now though I'm still freezing," you whine.

Suddenly Senku gets up and starts getting dressed, you whine once more as the cold floods in under the blankets.

"How can Taiju handle this cold weather when he doesn't even have another person to help keep him warm?" you think jealous of the other boy's ability to stay warm.

Senku goes to leave the hut and you notice his hands shaking, he's probably been just as cold as you with his scrawny little body but never mentions anything, he never wants to worry you.

"Where are you going it's even colder outside"

"I'll be back," he says and swiftly leaves making sure to close the door in an attempt to keep any of the heat inside the already cold hut.

You sit there for a while shaking in your bed the absence of Senkus warm body making you all the more aware of how cold the room is. You hear some footsteps and soon the door opens a large gust of cold air flowing into the room again.

"Put on your warmest clothes and come with me," he says.

Putting on as many layers as you have you follow Senku into the cold and dark night, you see he's set up a fire and made a wall out of the snow to prevent the wind from touching you and the fire.

"Come on," he says grabbing your hand and sitting you down next to him.

He pulls you in for a kiss, something he's gotten more comfortable with doing, all-around he's become more relaxed around you and he's much more comfortable with showing you affection, much to Taiju's dismay. Slowly but surely the boy who once felt the idea of being in a relationship was illogical and the stupidest thing you could do has fallen for you and can't imagine a world where you don't wake up next to him.


"Yeah Senku?"

"I know it's hard living out here, but I have a plan to rebuild everything and save everyone."

"I want to make a world where you and I can be together and if everything goes right, I want you to be there with me when we finally go to space.'

You stare at the boy, his eyes lit up by the fire.

"Senku I would follow you to the end of the universe and back"

He does his signature laugh knowing that's impossible.



"I love you"

___ ____ _____ ______ ________

Guys I'm so sorry its been like six months, I logged back into wattpad and you all had such nice things to say about me taking a break, I knew I had to finish the story. I want to thank everyone for reading and having such nice things to say about my writing, you guys are the reason I kept going with this story. I hope you liked it! Edit* sorry the formatting was a bit off I've fixed it I think

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