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Richard ran into Laura again a few days later, and she gave him a quizzical look.

"Come for a coffee?" he asked her. She nodded, and they sat down with their cups a few minutes later.

"Richard, can I ask you a personal question? Are you gay?"

"Not exactly," he replied, turning the cup between his hands.

Laura raised an eyebrow and he laughed. "I'm bi, but if you were asking about Bill, then yes, we're lovers. But please keep that to yourself. I don't usually tell anyone because, well, it's difficult."

She smiled ruefully at him. "That's a shame from my point of view. I find you very attractive. I can tell you that now, I suppose—oh, you're not offended, are you? It doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, a woman having the hots for you?"

Richard swallowed. "Not at all." Clearly she had not taken his statement about being bisexual seriously and now felt he was a safe companion.

"So can we continue to be friends? I've enjoyed your company these last few weeks. No passes, I promise." She smiled.

"Sure." But he wasn't a hundred percent sure he could promise the same thing.

Their friendship grew, and Richard didn't notice when his feelings changed into something warmer than friendship. How could he be falling in love with Laura when he still loved Bill? He was oblivious to disaster rushing toward him.

He took Laura home after a party that Bill had been unable to attend, and she invited him up for coffee. It had all been totally innocent until he was leaving. He said good night and bent down to give her a kiss on the cheek, but somehow he kissed her mouth. In a flash they were in each other's arms, her mouth opening beneath his, drawing his tongue inside, his hands pulling her tightly against him. He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest, the feel of her body so different....

Horrified, he broke away. What was he doing? "I'm sorry!" They both spoke at once, then broke into pained laughter. Involuntarily he reached for her again, her mouth soft beneath his, her breath coming as fast as his own, his hands sliding up under her shirt to cup her breasts, his arousal hard against her stomach.

This time it was Laura who wrenched her mouth away. "Richard? What's going on here?"

He leant forward, resting his forehead against hers, breathing heavily. "I think I'm falling in love with you," he confessed.

"You can't; you're gay, remember?" she answered foolishly.

"No, I'm not. I'm bi."

"Well, whatever you are, you need to break off with Bill before you start anything with me. Right?"

He stared at her. Break up with Bill? He felt ill at the very thought. She was right, though; how could he start a relationship with her while he was still in one? "I better go, Laura. We probably both need to think about this. Can I call you?"

She nodded, looking at him with wide eyes. How had this happened? One touch of their mouths, and they had gone up in flames. But a secret affair on the side would be degrading for all of them. He was going to have to choose.

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