Rules For Participants

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So here comes the worst, and most dreading part of the awards THE RULES!!

Here the rules are pretty simple.

1. Follow this account, @HouseAwards

2. Add this book to your public Reading List

3. Give this account a shout out to spread the word

4. Your book should have at least 4 chapters, so the judges have something to review. This doesn't include short stories.

5. You can enter 2 books, maximum, as long as they are different genres. After you fill the form please wait for your book to be accepted.

6. When announced please follow your respective judges, since they are putting so much time into this.

7. Respect everyone here. This includes, everyone who is participating, the judges, and the admins.

8. You can be a participant and a Judge as long as your book isn't in the same genre you are judging. 

DM this account if you have any questions/concerns.

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