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My back hit against the cold white wall. "He loves me" he thought "he's doing all of this because he loves me". But deep down inside he knew it was all anger and hate, all the things Namjoon had told him were lies. "I love you, baby" he had said "I love you and only you." but his actions showed different.

11:42 PM

                     I woke up in a cold sweat. I look around the dimly lit room "this isn't out bedroom" I thought, then suddenly it came rushing back, our fight, he went through my phone and saw that I was talk to another man that happened to be one of his best friends. His angry voice, the look in his eyes. All of it made me terrified. I tried to run but in the end I lost.

I want to feel his arms wrapped around me, his soft breathing on my neck as I'm in his embrace, the way his chest rises and falls slowly all of it. I manage to get myself off the couch and quietly walk to our shared room. My back aches with pain as I move.

Slowly opening the door, I poke my head in to see him fast asleep his breath calm, his muscles relaxed. I walk into the room quietly and carefully climb onto the soft mattress. Namjoon's eyes shoot open "Fuck" I mentally yell at myself, he turns around facing me. I brace myself for whats to come. I gasp in shock at what happens next

Heres a little tease of a prologue I hope you guys like it and come back for more chapter 1 should be up either Monday or Tuesday and I hope you enjoyed

~Ana Kim

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