4:why did he select me?

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I got down from the car and paid for the ride. It had been an extremely annoying day. If I had known that that boy MAHIR was one of the senior heads of our college's Social Service Group, I wouldn't have even agreed to give the interview. But now I was in a helpless situation. I feel so exhausted and angry with myself right now!

Sighing I rang the door bell of my house and in the very next second the door opened and the smiling face of Ammi welcomed me. I said salam and entered inside while I saw Umair Bhai munching on the chips while sitting on the couch. It was pretty early for him to be at home.

"How are you feeling Aayat?" Aiza Bhabhi asked me as I saw her coming to where we all were in her doctor's coat.

"Better than before. " I replied to her as I sat on the couch beside my brother.

"Isn't it a bit too early for you to be at home potato?" Umair Bhai asked me while stuffing his mouth with chips.

This man can seriously get on my nerves sometimes.

"I can ask the same question to you !" I snapped back at him while standing and going towards my room not before saying bye to Aiza Bhabhi as she was about to go for her shift in the hospital.

The day went by like that and before I knew I was drifting off to sleep, my mind too tired of regretting over my decision of joining the Social Service Group.

After two days

It was the 3rd day since I had given that interview. I was firstly very restless of it but now I was pretty calmed down because I knew that they were going to reject me. Why would Mahir let me join them at the first place!

We were currently in the 3rd lecture of our day which was of Administrative Law and I can clearly see Naiza who was sitting a bench ahead of me yawning. I wanted to laugh so badly at her state but managed to not do so. Diverting my mind from her I again focused on the lecture and wrote all the notes until the lecture came to an end and it was finally time for the lunch break which was of 30 minutes.

" Why does this lecture has to be so boring?" Soniya exclaimed as we were walking out from our class.

"I know right! I mean just look at Naiza. She can almost sleep walk right now!" Humaira said to which all of us laughed and Naiza pouted.

"It wasn't that boring girls..!" I tried to justify but than all of my three friends stared at me making my mouth shut again as I giggled. We climbed down the stairs and finally reached our favourite spot! Canteen!

We all reached to our favourite table which is at the extreme right side of the canteen with the window which offers a beautiful view outside.

We all took our seats and placed our orders and kept talking until Humaira's phone dinged followed my all of us.

"It must be a message on the college group." I thought and took my phone out from my bag but my eyes grew bigger as I saw it was a message on the new what's app group which was of "Social Service Group " of our college and the message read,

"This is to notify all the interviewees that results are here! So meet us in the campus asap!"

"Yess!" Everyone squealed in joy.

"I hope that we all get selected!" Humaira said making me internally pray that I am not the one selected. I was even sure that I will not be selected. But the mere thought of getting selected makes me cringe!

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