Obituary - Joe Antenwood

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The saddened family announces the sudden passing of their beloved great great grandfather, Joe Antenwood. Joe was 98 antyear old and was in perfect health until his collapse at 4 pm yesterday.

Joe was adored, loved and respected by his large family of curly antelled Antenwood family. The family inherited its curly antennae from Joe who was caught in a heat wave when he was one day old. The genetic modification of this acquired trait has been a wonder to the science world and is still under study.

Joe was not only set apart by his curly antennae but also by his strategic plan in guarding the great mine of clandies found at the northern end of New Burkshire. He also fought in the great Ant War 101 and was a fore front soldier in the security detail for King Framant during the time of great Ant War 108. After his retirement from the ant army, he was active in the rescue operations nationwide, planning and monitoring the restoration activities after calamities. His recent restoration plan was for New Burkshire after the horrific earthquake on 29 Dec 2019. He was an activist for 'soil for saplings' movement as well.

To anyone who knew him, Joe was a sweet soul, brave at the face of adversary and a hero to the downtrodden. His daughter, Clara Antenwood says of him "I never thought he will live to be this old. He was always butting those curly antennae of his in 'his causes', as he called them. He was the most courageous ant I have ever seen. Nothing scared him once he was on a roll. I always figured someone will hit him with a marble for his persistence and antennae butting."

Burial services for Joe will be held today evening at 4 pm on the New Sapling Mount Cemetery. He will be added to the fresh sapling soil as per his wish. Friends and family may pay their respects to Joe prior to the funeral at his residence, 77 Soilcone, Shadow Anthill Apartments, Central Anttunnelshire. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to any of his causes 'soil for saplings', 'let us rebuild' or 'Curls in genes'. He will be immensely missed by family, friends and thousands of ants who are alive because of him.

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