Contest Guidelines

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This contest aims to help you show off your storytelling talent in the language you are most comfortable with. Write your heart out and treat us to some phenomenal Valentine's tales.



Your story must be a minimum of 1000 - maximum of 1500 words long.

Your story must be in one of the listed languages. (See previous chapter.)

It should be a story that you've specifically written for this contest.

Your story should be inspired by a quote that will be provided. The phrase should appear verbatim and highlighted within the text. Whether you choose to write about Love or Heartbreak, including the textual quote is a must.

Example; Let's say the chosen phrase is "the clock struck midnight":

There were many decisions to take, as time advanced. She was standing in front of the ticket office, waiting for him to arrive. She had invited him to follow a dream, but he had to be there, it was the least he could do. As she realized the decision had been taken hours prior, when he declined they go together and said, with a forced smile, "just get there, I'll follow..." the clock struck midnight.

Your story must follow the Content Guidelines outlined by Wattpad.

You must submit your story using the following FORM.

We will be assessing stories on spelling and grammar, narrative voice and overall creative execution.

Your story must carry the tag #ValentinesContest2020 and a tag that indicates your genre or profile chosen for example #mystery or #thriller, to increase visibility. Add this in the tag section from your story editing page.

The final and most important rule: have fun and show us what you've got! 

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