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Birthday: 23/01/XXXX
Fav Song: I love 'Lie to me' by 5SOS. Also right now I'm kinda into the songs from the JONAS TV show like 'Alive' and 'LA Baby'. Any 1D song.
Fav Cartoon Show: Gravity falls
Fav Food: Spaghetti Bolognese 100%
Best Pals on Wattpad: Shhhh its a secret 😉
Fav Band: One Direction all the wayyyyyy . And the Jonas bros. And 5SOS, Coldplay and the Vamps.
Phobias: Kinda weird but I can't handle wrists. Like the inside of the wrist with the veins. Can't look at them. Can't touch them. Ahhhh even writing this makes me feel weird.
Battery: 65%
Fav Book: I could literally never chose. Top 4 series are PJO, Divergent, Maze Runner and The Selection Series but there are so many I can't choose just one. Maybe mark of Athena cause that book was lit.
Fav author(s): Rick Riordan and John Green
OTPS and NOTPS: Percabeth, Fourtris, Maxerica. Perchel (don't hate her but just strictly friends) AspenxAmerica
First follower: Rtoe777777711 but idk if she is still on wattpad
Last person you texted: My group chat
Nationality: Australian
Relationship Status: Single

Well that was fun. I will tag these ten random followers of mine. Sorry if you don't want to do it or barely even know who I am. 😂

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