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Our noses were firmly pressed against each other, the tips probably impaired by how close we were as he held me closely by my hips. My hands were on his chest, digging my nails and fingertips into his shirt as I got too carried away with our kiss.

It was all happening so fast. I remember just sitting next to him and watching tv, and I'm sure it just went crazy from there.

But why were my insides aching? Were they aching for him? That feeling I had right now, like my stomach was rising and my heart was fluttering, it was because of Harry?

I never felt so alive.

He suddenly lifted me and threw me harshly beside him. His pink swollen lips were parted in awe and his face was heated as he hovered over me and attached his mouth to mine again in this new position.

"What time are your parents home?" He breathed into my mouth.

I could barely produce a sentence. "All night- they... they won't be home till morning."

He smirked and soon went back to smothering my hungry lips with his. He exhaled as he let his skilled tongue graze mine, intertwining them both as he roughly grabbed my shoulders and pulled me intensely deeper into the kiss.

I didn't know if he thought I was good, or if he thought I was absolutely terrible. But when we were like this, I felt friction of some kind. We were almost what you would call... connected. Through all of the arguing we did these past few weeks, I knew this was for the best.

His hand came between my legs and rested beside my knee soothingly, our mouths making a small 'pop' noise with every kiss he took. His aftershave was snaking around me like it was my imperial heaven, and his deep breaths were a siren as he drew me in. His hand raised slyly up my leg, concerning me as I closed my legs a little, but that didn't stop him as his fingertips grazed my thigh. I was startled, my body trying to lean back from his touch but that only made him put more pressure on me.

My hand grabbed his and intertwined them before dragging him away from my thighs, and I sensed a small smirk that he pressed against my mouth. "Don't be like this."

His lips withdrew but the tip of his nose still brushed against mine, an I finally opened my eyes to see him intently stare. "N-No touching."

He bit his bottom lip and groaned in frustration before pulling away completely and slumping himself back into the sofa, ignoring me completely.

I felt... I felt like I had done something wrong.

He was in a mood with me and I felt responsible. I didn't abide by his needs, and therefore he was angry. He didn't get his way. I wanted him to get his way, but not like this. It scared me when he got pissed off, but not in a way where I thought he was going to hurt me. It was just that feeling where you worried for yourself because someone you look a liking in didn't show a mutual feeling.

"Do you want to order takeout?-"

"No." He boringly responded and got his phone out. How could he possibly pretend like nothing ever happened?

He turned one of my worst nights into my best but now it was bad again. The only way I could make him happy was if I gave him what he wanted, and that wasn't going to happen.

"I'm going to bed," I spoke. "Goodnight."

He didn't even have the manners to respond.

I went to bed that night feeling dissatisfied and guilty. My mind was boggled and steamy yet I could see clearly in his eyes, but all he saw was what the eye showed. How could I see him internally? But most of all, why?

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