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Hours after receiving a S.O.S. from the president and CEO of the Space Venture Corporation, Electra Draco, the special forces unit, the Black Mambas came within visual range of the Celestial Sea and prepared to board the space cruise ship which is currently stranded between the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. As mentioned in a previous news release, the Mambas are a highly skilled tactical unit experienced in piracy situations, but as Draco noted in her communication with HQ, the piracy beacon was initiated by the captain of the ship because he had no other recourse. Federation officials learned from HQ that the real reason for the emergency was a viral outbreak of the zombie kind. Because the Mambas are trained in zero gravity combat, their first move was to infiltrate the ship through a maintenance bay entrance located in the lower stern and then make their way to the engine room where they deactivated the gravity drives, plunging the ship into the weightless, free floating environment of microgravity. It was reported that the unit encountered and eliminated multiple infected passengers and crew members before they reached the engine room. But strangely, with the gravity drives powered down, they encountered no more resistance. All they saw were drifting corpses and seemingly unconscious individuals. From the engine room they moved through the lower levels of the vessel, finding carnage along the way, until they secured the bridge and discovered Draco dead of what appeared to be a self inflicted wound to her abdomen. They found her personal assistant, Cygnus Lo decapitated, murdered by an unknown individual. There are no suspects to report at this time. Copious amounts of blood and the corpses of infected crew members littered the bridge and contaminated the crime scene. For all intents and purposes, Electra Draco could have killed Cygnus Lo before killing herself. Conveniently, all the ships records and video recordings had been deleted and wiped clean, and the only person with the security clearance to do that was none other than Draco herself.

With Electra Draco sprawled out on her back still clutching the dagger embedded in her stomach, Bella helped walk a barely conscious Halo out of the bridge with Adrianna tagging along by her side. On the way down, they were in such a rush to get to the Atlantic Deck—in the middle of battling a hoard of infected's—that they took the stairs one floor down. It was quicker and seemed to make sense at the time, but with Halo muttering to himself incoherently, on the doorsteps of death, the elevator was the only option this time. He might never make it up the stairs anyway.

As the doors parted to a dark and heavy body count view of the Sea Breeze Deck, Bella started out into the corridor, practically dragging Halo. Adrianna wanted to help, and in a kind gesture she put her shoulder to Halo's side and gave the best effort she could.

When they entered the dining room of the cafe, Bella froze, suddenly reminded of what she had to do next. In doing so, she thought of Astra who was stuck in the freezer. She sighed loud enough that Adrianna glanced up at her. Halo groaned but didn't move, his head hung low, eyes closed. It probably wasn't such a great idea to leave Astra in the cold, but it seemed to make sense at the time. She had a fever. Putting people with high temperatures in a bath tub full of ice had been done in the past. While it may not have been the best option, it seemed like a logical move. If Astra survived the chill, she might still be alive.

But back to what she had to do. Bella inhaled deeply and exhaled a hard puff of air. She had to follow the same logic with Halo and even herself that she did with Astra. To further convince herself, she recalled that Caprica was possibly still locked inside the bathroom of her own stateroom. It seemed like the humane thing to do. Lock yourself up so you wouldn't hurt anyone.

She angled toward the starboard side of the ship, toward the front. Straight back, she faced a series of restrooms and storage closets. There were two main bathrooms and a handicapped one in the middle next to a family restroom. Bella picked up the pace; she had to hurry. Halo was like dead weight, but he still managed to move his feet. Five minutes later, they stood in front of the bathroom doors.

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