Chapter One

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"Did you kill him?" I had asked.

I felt a part of my heart just fell off dying to know what his response would be. But it hurt more. He never answered me. Even now, if u were to ask not a word from anyone. Everyone just looked at me like I was some helpless girl who was...still is obsessed with her crazy, abusive fiancé.

I refused to take off the ring that Denim proposed to me. They think that I'm crazy or still starstruck by him.

"I can't take it off. It's not fair to him. What if he comes back?" I exclaimed.

I can't remove him from my life without knowing if he is alive or not.

"Declan this isn't necessary. I'm perfectly fine going back to my other school." I told him. I was forced into a skimpy school uniform. If Denim could see me right now, he would be furious with me and probably call me a whore. Declan walked around to the other side of the car, opening the door for me. Getting out of the car, I felt my skirt slowly start to come up. "Why did even think of bringing me here? The school year is almost over. I'm 18 now, I don't have to go school if I don't want too."

I bit my lip, I really should attend school and at least try to get the credits I need to graduate. Declan looked over at me. He laughed gently grabbing ahold of my hand. "Brandy, you can't sit around the house anymore sulking over Denim. You gotta do something." He tells me.

"Maybe you should tell me where Denim is or even what happened to him. And maybe I would stop sulking over him."

His face had no expression on it, just a simple smile. Taking my hand, he brings it his lips gently kissing the back of it. "He's not coming back for you."

Yes he is. Rolling my eyes, I took my hand back staring up at the school that looked like a castle. "Maplewood Academy." I mumbled to myself.

"You'll be fine." He says nodding his head walking up the steps. Slowly walking alongside behind him, we entered into the school. The hallways seemed to echo with every step. It really was a castle.

"Why is this school?" I asked him. "I literally could have gone to any other school in the world."

"Not many schools would accept a high school drop out, three months from the end of the school year." He tells me. "Plus, I know the guy the owns the school. It was easier."

"I never dropped out. I just hardly went to school because Denim-"

"You must be Brandy Diamond!" A high-pitched voice squealed from across the room. The sound of her echoed throughout the corridor as she ran over to us. I looked up at Declan who just stared at her like she was eye candy.

"Have fun." He whispers kissing the top of my head before turning and leaving. Watching him leave, I debated chasing after him just to get away from this place. Wiping the side of my head, the girl came over to me. She had fiery red hair and bright green eyes.

"Hi. I'm Cherry Pemberton. Brandy Diamond right?" He says shaking my hand. I nodded my head. She grabbed my hand, dragging me around the corner. "I'm so happy to finally met you. I've heard so much about you."

I frowned. "How'd you hear about me?" I asked her.

She froze for a minute. It was like she turned paler than she already is. "You're a Diamond. I practically know everything you guys. But for some reason nothing new popped up about you or your family. If you'd like, you can spill all the juicy details about what has been going on for my blog. You should read it sometime. I have over 20k followers- "

"-how about we talk later about my family. I rather just get this day over with." I said crossing my arms.

"This is your timetable for the rest of the year. We basically have every class together except Phys Ed." Cherry says handing me a small piece of paper. Basically, the courses that I never going to finish.

"Come on. We are already late and Ms. hates it when we are late to her class. She can be a real pain in the ass sometimes."

"I'll try to remember that."

Declan's POV

"Malin. What is the meaning of this. I have things to do." My father groans stepping into the room.

She froze fiddling around with her hands. "I've done something that I really shouldn't have done, but I had to do it for Brandy. She's hurting. You can see it in her eyes everyday when she speaks to you."

"What did you do?" I said standing up. "What did she make you do?"

She looks over at me. "She didn't make me do anything. I chose to do it. I see her as my own daughter. I can't let her cry herself to sleep anymore."

"MALIN!" My father shouts. Watching my mother, take a step back she walks over to me holding onto my hands, smiling up at me.

"Declan you have to listen to me and believe me when I say that I did it-"

"...what the hell did you do?" I said gripping onto her hands harder.

She looked back at my father with a serious look in her eyes. "I'm sorry. You must forgive me, but it was my only choice."

No one said anything. it was silent waiting for the unbearable words to exit from her mouth. "Since Denim is still alive...I went to go visit him at the prison a couple weeks ago. I know that I shouldn't have, but it killed me that Brandy would cry over-"

"-Malin if you don't get to the fucking point-" My father says lowly.

"-Denim is coming back for Brandy because of me. I don't know when, but I know that he is."

"Fucking hell." I mumbled. Quickly leaving the room, I bolted towards the front door. Who knows how long Denim has till he gets out. He could already be out and trying to look for Brandy. Thanks to my indulgent mother, Denim could already know where she is.

"Declan!" My father called out to me barely stopping me from getting out of the driveway. "Declan Think Rational Here! Denim Is More Powerful Than You Think! He's Angry And Could Possibly Attempt to Come For You Before He Even Thinks Of Going To Brandy!"

"I Need To Get To Her And Bring Her Somewhere Safe!" I exclaimed. "He's Going To Hurt Her."

"Brandy Isn't Safe Anywhere. She Belongs To Him And The More You Try to Keep Her Away From Him...The More She's Going To Get Hurt In The End By All Of This." He tells me.

"Brandy is going to get herself in danger if I don't protect her and keep her away-"

It was like it was planned and I'm stuck in the middle of some trap. The strong cologne lingered. You could never forget a scent like that. I smiled slyly slowly turning around. "You're all going to be in danger if I don't get Brandy back." He says walking towards us. Following along behind him, Christopher and Julian file out of the parked SUV's, blocking the exit. "So who's going to tell me where she is or shall we finish what I originally started?"

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