Authors Note

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Thank you so much for all those who have read Candle Lit Nightmares! It's been a pleasure writing this and I do plan to write more in the coming future. To clear some things up about the very last chapter, Tiger and Weasel are now considered missing and no one knows their whereabouts and doings.

As you could tell as the chapters progressed, I started to stop writing the two short stories before the next big chapter. I did this as a certain person *cough-cough* kept nagging for me to ditch the short stories.

   I also may or may not have lose ideas on what to write for the short stories as they took longer to write compared to the real deal of the main chapters. But yet again, thank you for all who have read it all and enjoyed it as much as I did.

   What I've learned from reading many popular books out there, is that the point of writing isn't for the fun of it. The point in writing is for your own appeal of enjoying the stories you write. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about what others have to say that would discourage you from writing what you wish to.

   I've drawn a picture of Tiger and Weasel, of course not as serious... I would also like to not that Weasel and a Tiger are rightfully my characters and I'd appreciate if no one took them.


My signature is at the bottom: Jmin This is for proof reasons to prove its my art

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My signature is at the bottom: Jmin
This is for proof reasons to prove its my art.

I hope you will read my future stories I write on here, and all have a good day/night.

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