I place the last plate that I have rinsed into the rack on the overhead cupboard and shut the door. I wipe my hands with a napkin and walk into the living room.

My dad is seated on a chair and discussing something with Ryan who is leaning on the wall beside him, his hands folded on his chest. He nods his head as dad says something.

I notice he’s wearing a pair of dark wash jeans with a white dress shirt and a dark brown sweater vest with symmetrical patterns. He’s sleeves are like usual rolled upto the elbows. His brown hair are messy but in a good way like he’s run his fingers through them a number of times and he’s wearing white high top shoes.

My mum and Charlotte are seated on the parapet on the front porch and Annabelle is playing with her father in the front garden.

Ryan’s dad left half an hour ago as he got some business call and Cam(Ryan’s bro) had left shortly after to meet some friends. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to talk to Ryan.

“Ahem ..dad can I borrow my friend for a minute?” I smile as I walk towards the two men.

“Sure love.. take all the time you want..We’re done anyway” he says while winking at me.

I look at him sceptically for a moment as Ryan pushes himself off the wall and walks towards me.

“Well..” he says standing infront of me.

“This way” I plaster a big smile on my face as I lead him to the back porch.

“Nice party huh?” teases Ryan as he casually leans against the parapet of the porch facing me.

“Yeah well.. mum’s idea of getting me out of depression” I roll my eyes and respond “and apparently it’s working” I say as I plaster a fake grin on my face. He chuckles lightly.

“So .. what’s up?” he pops the ‘P’ and questions.

“Well.. the last time you were here... all that.. umm.. it was really embarrassing .. and I’m sorry. ” I reply sheepishly.

He opens his mouth to say something but then shuts it again so I take it as my cue to continue.

“It was really sweet of you to come over and get the.. pizza..” I give a small smile.. “I didn’t get to thank you.. as all that .. eh.. happened. So.. thank you” I finish off.

He stares at me for a minute.

“So you got me here to thank me? Come on Eliza! That’s what best friends do right? Drop in with tub of icecream and with a DVD of A Walk To Remember? Or in my case a box of pizza and some Audrey Hepburn movie” he says and ruffles my hair and I can’t help but smile.

“Hey you guys up for a trip to the fair?” I turn around to find Charlotte’s head popping from the door.

“The fair?” I ask as I scrunch my eyebrows.

“Yesss! Aunt Ellie we going to the fair!! You should come too!! Please Aunt Ellie” Annabelle runs and starts pulling my hand.

“Eh.. no.. I..” I spew words incoherently.

Right when I was about to talk to Ryan this happens! Damn my life! Is this some sort of a signal hinting me not to tell Ryan?

“Ryan can come too” comes my brother- in- law’s voice breaking my attention from my mental debate.

Winston stands beside Charlotte with his hand wrapped around my sister’s waist. I whip my head around to look at Ryan with raised eyebrows, only that he’s looking down at his phone. He tears his eyes away from his phone as he looks up at us.

“What?” he asks innocently looking at me and then at Charlotte and Winston.

“Your coming to the fair” comes Annabelle’s tiny voice. She’s still holding my hand. Ryan looks at her then at me.

“I am?” he asks still a bit confused.

“Well.. I guess” I say as I look from him to Anna and then to the couple standing infront beaming at us.

“Great.. Let’s get moving” Winston declares leading Charlotte out.

“Umm..yeah but I need to stop at the restaurant on the way” Ryan says from beside me.

“Sure” Winston replies without looking back.

We follow the couple with Annabelle still holding my hand.


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