● Death Match ●

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We pulled up to a different club this time and I looked at him in confusion.

He turned to look at me and then spoke.

"It's here." He said shortly and I nodded.

He got out and walked around to my side and opened the door for me.

When I got out, I immediately shivered as the cold air outside whipped my cheek.

Zayn looked at me and shrugged off his Jacket, holding it up for me like he always did.

I slid my arms through it and my nostrils were filled with his addictive scent.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. His head sweeped down so that he was at eye level with me.

"Don't get mad." He said blankly, looking at me.

"Why would I get mad?" I asked, pulling the jacket tighter around me.

"This is a death match." He admitted and I still didn't understand.

"What?" I said, scrunching my nose in confusion.

"We kill our opponent." He stated, his face becoming more serious.

My heart raced and I backed away slowly.

"Why would you not tell me this sooner?" I asked.

"Didn't matter." He shrugged, his face blank.

"It does, Zayn! You could get hurt. Or worse yet, you could die!" I yelled, poking his chest angrily.

And as I shouted at him with all of my anger, he smirked down at me.

"Worried, are we?" He asked, pulling me to him.

I groaned loudly, ripping myself away and looking up at him.

"You know what? Let's go. Hopefully a brick or two knocks some sense into you." I said, walked toward the club.

"Blair." He called when I was a good distance away from him.

"What?" I answered, turning around.

"It's this way, Baby." He said, a glint in his eyes as he pointed across the road.

There was an outdoor arena set up with crowds of people around it.

How did I not notice this?

"I knew that!" I said defensively.

But I couldn't ignore the flutter in my heart at what he called me.

He smirked, his eyes slightly darkening.

"Sure you did." He said, taking my hand and leading us to it.

When we got there, I realized that there were more people than I anticipated.

"I'm going there." He said as we stopped at an empty seat. "Stay here for me, okay?" He asked and I nodded.

He nodded, leaning down and kissing me quickly before walking away.

I sat down, waiting for him to come back out when a guy sat next to me.

"Hey gorgeous" He said, giving me a lopsided grin.

I ignored him and pulled my phone out, checking to see if I had any texts or calls from Dale.

"You here alone?" He continued, sipping his drink.

"No." I said, turning to face him.

He opened his mouth to speak before he looked at the chain that hung around my neck.

"Lucifer..." He trailed off, his eyes widening. "You're Lucifer's girl." He stated, standing up.

I didn't respond, lifting the chain in confusion.

"Is he here? Please don't tell him I spoke to you. God, he already killed my brother. I don't want to be next."

He rambled on and my eyes widened as well. I felt pity for the poor man.

Losing your brother to a monster like Zayn is terrible.

"Leave. I won't tell him." I told him, giving him a sad smile.

"Thank you." He said before quickly walking away.

I sat there, staring at the snake that hung on the chain, wondering how the man knew that I was with Zayn.

"Last call for bets! This fight starts in five minutes!" The announcer shouted.

The crowd erupted in loud noise as people rushed to make bets on the fighters.

After five minutes, the announcer came back out and stood in the middle of the wooden arena.

"Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for!" And the crowd roared.

"On this side we have Viper!" He yelled as a guy came out.

This guy looked like his father was hulk. He was a giant.

He was tall, buff, tatted up and had a long beard.

His eyes were a blend of blue and green, making him look like a total babe.

"And on this side, the Devil himself, Lucifer!" He yelled and the excitement in the crowd was evident.

As he stepped out, I think I drooled a little.

His eyes were black as he looked at Viper coldly. He wore nothing but basketball shorts.

The bright lights that illuminated the arena fell onto his face and he looked deadly.

His jaw was tightened and his muscles flexed as he tensed.

His black orbs shot directly at me and I gave him a smile, nodding my head at him.

A silent sign that told him that he has this.

He nodded, taking his stance and slamming his fists together.

"These guys must fight until the other is knocked out. Once they are, they get the gun and end the match for good!" The announcer said and at that point in time,

My nerves malfunctioned.

I let out a shaky breath as the match started, watching as the two guys circled eachother.

I heard people shouting for Zayn,

Then there were the others cheering on Viper.

But even through my fear, I knew deep down inside,

That Zayn was going to win this.

Viper made the first move, swinging at Zayn.

Zayn grabbed his fist and held it tightly, wasting no time in kicking Viper directly in the side.

I winced as I could've sworn I heard a slight crack from where I sat.

But Viper recovered quickly, swinging again and landing his first punch to Zayn's face.

Zayn's head snapped to the side briefly before he looked back at Viper, his eyes looking colder.

Swiftly, he grabbed Viper's head, immediately hitting him with a right hook followed by a uppercut.

I watched on with one thought in my mind,

This is going to be a long match.

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