chapter 6

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some drug/alcohol is mentioned in this chapter. thanks

i start to panic as i looked into the mirror. a hickey. a fat ass hickey right on my neck. i cannot believe that luke walked into my house, acted like a big shot know it all and then proceeded to give me a hickey. i think calum is going to be mad. hopefully not at me and only towards luke.

i quickly drop my towel and get dressed, a black bra and some black panties. i slip a black crop top over my head and through my arms. a black pair of high waisted ripped jeans and some black converse. a big choice of color arie.

i quickly blow dry my hair and styled it in a half up half down ponytail. and put on your typical makeup. some foundation, mascara and a winged eyeliner. simple for a simple me. i walked downstairs and just as i was about say something to luke, calum walked into the house with a bunch of party supplies.

"hey luke, can you help me with the stuff in the trunk?" calum asked luke, luke didn't say anything and proceeded to walk outside to grab things. i walk into the kitchen and grab a red bull and turn to calum.

"hey calum, see what your friend left me?" i ask as i point to this huge bruise on my neck. calum turns and looks at me as i'm pointing and laughs. "yeah i seen as i walked in. you have a thing for him don't ya?" i scoff and roll my eyes. "absolutely not. i haven't liked anyone since you know who..." i say as i trail off. getting hit with a million emotions. calum must have saw that i was going into a trance as he grabbed me and hugged me. "babe, i think you and luke are gonna get a long just fine. just give him a chance, he's a good guy i promise." i decided to not respond and shrug and go sit on the couch and let them get the party ready.

about two hours later a bunch of people filled my house. people i knew from school, people that calum knew from other parties. i decided since i'm not a DD and this party is at my house, that i should let loose and have some fun. why the hell not? i make my way into the kitchen after getting stopped by some people on the way, congratulating me for such an awesome party. when in reality it wasn't my party. it was theirs. i find a bottle of jack daniels and take a shot straight from the bottle and i start to walk around with it. taking shots with random people and some friends from school.

as i'm walking around the party i started to feel my buzz, so i took two more shots. i don't think i'll be getting up early tomorrow that's for sure. i finally found my best friend and got him to take a huge shot from the bottle. he took it like a champ too. "hell yes calum! you finally didn't bitch out about the shot." i laughed as i said that to him. calum rolled his eyes and luke walked up and had to join our conversation. i guess things won't just be me and calum anymore.

"hey ar, can i talk to you for a second?" i nodded and followed luke up to my bedroom, the only room you could hear the voice in your head. i turn to him and close the door with my foot. "what's up luke?" i ask as i sit onto the bed. he joins me and looks at me with sad eyes. i wonder why those blue eyes are in pain, i mean he could have anything he wanted. he's gorgeous and he already has my best friend. "i wanted to say sorry about earlier. i just get nervous around you i don't know why. but i know that i'm sorry and i won't ever do that again," ouch. daggers into my heart. i don't know if it's because i'm getting drunk or what but i don't want him to stop doing that. i mean in this moment anyway. i readjust myself on the bed so i'm facing forwards at him. "luke, please do it again, just not like that. and what's wrong with you? what's making you upset?" i asked as his eyes brows furrow.

"earlier i was really high... of coke. and it coming off of it right now, and i acted a fool earlier and i'm sorry. i just feel so bad. i'm usually not like that with someone i find beautiful and extraordinary," he admits and i feel the heat rising to my cheeks. i wasn't embarrassed for myself, i was embarrassed for him. i quickly pull him into a hug and hold him for a second. "well let's go drink and have some fun. you should stop doing that hard shit, it's really not good for you." i tell him as i stand up and grab his hand. i pull him up and he stands simultaneously. he towers over me, it's quite funny actually. i quickly place a kiss on his nose and drag him out the door to go take a bunch of more shots with the rest of the party people.


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