chapter one

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The shrill voice of the alarm woke me up and I stood up, made my bed and went to the bathroom.

As I looked at myself in the mirror and opened my messy bun —that I'd slept in— my long, luscious blonde hair cascaded down my thin waist, and big, bright blue eyes stared back at me.

Ugh, I'm so ugly!

After taking a long bath, I decided to clean my dorm room.

I still had a good two hours before classes start. But, of course I had to be in the classroom, at least 5 hours early, you know, as the nerd I am.

I changed into khaki pants, and a cardigan over a shirt, and tied my hair into a low ponytail.

I don't care about my looks at all.

I'm not like the other girls, you know.

I picked up my bag and my copy of To Kill A Mockingbird, and headed towards the main campus.

I had been sitting in the classroom for 2 hours and the class timings had started half an hour ago, but no one was here.

Hmph. That's strange.

I was deep in thought, reading my classic novel, when I got startled by the sound of the door locking. I ran towards it, as fast as I could, and shouted, “Hey, wait! I'm still here.”

Luckily, they heard me and opened the door.

It was the janitor, Alan. He's sweet, I'm friends with him.

“Oh, Jennifer, what are you doing here?” He spoke in his gruff Brit accent.

“I'm here for the class, It's Monday. but I don't think anyone's coming.”

Confused, He replied, “Of course they aren't, they sent everyone an email to go home, on Friday, because of the Coronavirus.


“Are you serious, I didn't get any email!” I turn around to put my stuff back in my backpack, “How could they have missed me out—”

I stop as turn around and realize that Alan is no longer there.

Huh. Strange things are happening today.

I rush back to my dorm room.

• • •

“What do you mean, Mom?”
I asked, stunned.

“Yes, sweetie, you can't come home because of the travel ban.”


“You're stuck!” She commented, evilly, but, I still love her so much. She gave birth to me, after all.

“Oh, and also, there's big toilet paper shortage over here, so I sold you off for some toilet paper. A van will be picking you up at 5.”

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