Chapter 4

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I couldn't find any pictures to match the description of Dakota's new hairstyle so I got a pic from my friend. Not the best pic but atleast you get to see most of the hair.


I was still sitting on the floor, leaning against the door when I heard a knock. I reluctantly got up and unlocked the door. My father came, his black hair untidy and his gray eyes, tired. His eyebrows met in a frown.

"Bad day at work today, huh?" I asked more as a statement.

"Yep. The hospital was filled today. So many women are having babies these days. I hardly had time to even deliver them." He stated going straight to the refridgerator.

"So much of them? Why do you even like to deliver babies? It is so gross!" I exclaimed, walking to sit on the couch.

"It all about how you think about it, Kody. Some would think of it as getting between five different women legs in one day but others would think of it as hearing women scream constantly." He said while making himself a sandwich.

"Whatever Dad." I flipped through the channels until I saw a rerun of Vampire Diaries.

"So your Jennie told me that your school called her for you. What did you get yourself into?" He asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just some senior girl that wanted to embarrass me." I said calmly.

My father took the remote and turned on some football game. "Those seniors. Did you end of giving her it good?"

"Yeah Dad. I thought her a lesson." I tried to put on a mean voice.

He chuckled, "Can't have my little girl getting bullied in school. Good thing you picked up from my side of the family."

I laughed. If it was anything, I took after my mother side in fighting. My mother was the one with the fighting instincts. She knew when enough was enough. She could easily tackle anyhing that comes her way. She even told me that she did karate as a hobby back in her days in high school.

My father on the other hand was more gentle and loving and caring. He advoided conflict and hardly raised a finger at anyone. But he did have some fantasy that he was one of the world's strongest, meanest man. Mom and I just went along with it.

There was a knocking at the door. My father ignored it and continued being into the game that was showing. I rolled my eyes and opened the door.

"Oh my god! Look what I picked up at the hair store, today!" My mother burst through the front twirling with a small paper bag in her hands that marked, 'Lori's Hair Store'. I grabbed the bag and emptied the contents. There were three small bottles of hair dye. One was Jet Black, the other was Golden Brown and the last one was Hot Pink.

I looked at Mom in shock. "Hot Pink?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah. It would be soo fun! Don't you want to try a new look?" She was dancing around me now. She always was playful and thought she was a teenager.

She gave me a sad face and pouted when she realized that I wouldn't bulge. "Oh, come on. We can have a girls' night. Please."

I gave in, "I guess I could do it."

I remembered that I had to meet Travis at Starbucks for seven. "Mom. I have to go Starbucks, remember?"

She groaned, "Do you have to?"

"Yeah. The person has my phone." I said smiling as I thought about Travis.

"Fine. Well when you come back we can do it then." She said hope coming back into her eyes.

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