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Isn't it beautiful
The way insomnia holds you hostage;
Caught up in thought that is not the truth?
The way that you believe that if you close your eyes
Even for one second
That you will miss something that you would never again experience?

Isn't it beautiful
The way anxiety has you caught up in a web?
A web of lies
Broken promises
Broken hearts
Broken trust?

Isn't it beautiful
The way depression...
The way depression is depressing?
The way it robs you of your pride, freedom and happiness?

Isn't it beautiful
The way society is full of sirens
Calling out to you
Deceiving you
Tainting what you see, hear and think
Making you trust them
Only to have them stab you in the back
And leave you

Isn't it beautiful
The way so many young people are struggling
But they have nobody to talk to

Isn't it beautiful?
Well is it?


I wrote this myself and was wondering if I could get some feedback on it please? I'm trying to work on my poetry and I feel that writing on a topic that I am comfortable with is the best course of action. If you could let me know here or pm me that would be amazing!!!

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