eight - louis

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eight – louis

            “You seem a bit restless today…” Louis murmured, more to himself than Timmy, who was squirming in his arms, “I’ve fed you enough today, haven’t I?” nevertheless, he pushed a bit of food in front of the reptile and kissed the top of his head. “You haven’t been up to trouble recently, have you?” The man was currently resting on the empty stage, training with his remarkable reptile that just did not wish to communicate with him today. His tail slithered along sometimes whenever Louis attempted to try a new trick with him, but it was evident that Timmy was either extremely exhausted or quite pissed off for no reason whatsoever.        

            “Y-you’re wonderful,” a tiny, weak voice came from behind, and Louis turned around to see that Harry was leaning against the backstage entrance, a pale, pink robe around his body, but enough see-through for Louis to notice the matching knickers that wrapped his bum around and put it in place – without something to cover his soft, puffy nipples. A mouth watering sight that made Louis feel like he did the time his Grandma was mad at him and did lot let him eat or drink anything for two days, forcing him to work on her garden under the unbearable, summer sun, and saw the cold, glass of water placed right in front of the window – oh how he begged to just have a sip of that cold, icy liquid, just to tame the fire in his loins, and then die in piece under the sun.

            This is what Harry felt to Louis; that icy glass of water that was too often pushed away from, an untouchable oasis that made the trickling of the water appear ten times more loud in his ears; only this time, he was the one restraining himself from drinking the glass, because he had learnt his lesson about being greedy. “Sorry?” he finally asked, wearing his charming smile on his chapped lips. Harry fumbled with his robe, approaching him bravely and sitting down right next to him, cross-legged, giving a full view of his genitals, which were clean-shaved, almost like a girl’s.

            The boy’s cheeks flushed, glassy eyes covered in thick, long eyelashes, “W-what I mean is, you – you’re wonderful with your snake. I quite admire that in you.”

            “Oh, do you now?” Louis said amused, watching as Timmy abnormally let Harry pat his head and stroke his nose without even hissing at him – which was extremely confusing, since Louis is the only one his reptile trusted this much – weird. “He seems quite into you, I must say.” He subtly commented, as Harry continued to pet the snake, ignoring his wild nature and treating it like a house cat.

            “I-uh…” Harry merely murmured before bringing his robe – covered hands up to his face and hiding it in it.

            Louis only managed to chuckle before the urge to touch the boy became intensely stronger. He pushed Harry’s hands gently away from his face, reaching up and stroking the plump bottom lip that was always a bit more red than the upper one, because his white, straight teeth would always sink in it whenever he felt anxious or nervous – Louis had a habit of noticing people’s actions whenever they looked nervous or stressed; from trembling hands to sweaty palms, Harry’s lip-biting was the most lustful, yet innocent thing he had ever witnessed. “How are you feeling?”

            “As well as one like me could be.” Harry admitted, sniffing his nose and burying his body deeper into the robe, making himself smaller, “Thank you for your concern. I appreciate it deeply when people care for other people like me.”

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