part 14

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In my letter to Luna, I write about my days. How I strongly bonded with Sirius and Remus, my kiss with George, and the acceptance I felt.

I wait days for her to write me back. I long to the sober, cool conversations we had. With Luna, you never know what you're going to talk about the next time.

I'm staring out of the window again as someone knocks on my door. ''Come inside!''

Draco walks in. ''Hi, sis. Still waiting on your Lovegood letter?''
I roll my eyes. ''Yes. She takes weirdly long to react.'' I sigh.
''Well, maybe she's gone skiing like a lot of muggles do while winter break,'' Draco suggests mockingly. I shake my head. ''Luna told she would be home all break.'' I frown. ''Did something bad happen to her?''

Draco frowns too. ''This is escalating quickly,'' he says. ''She doesn't react for a few days and you think You Know Who kidnapped her?'' He sighs. ''Anyway, Harry wanted to talk to you. He's with Sirius in the living room.''

A minute later, I'm downstairs. Awkward, I wait in the doorway as Harry and Sirius hug. 
''Eh... Harry?'' I say.

Sirius lets go of him and smiles. Harry turns around. 
''You said you wanted to talk to me...'' I say hesitantly. Harry smiles. ''Yes, I did.''
''I'll leave,'' Sirius says.
''No!'' Harry quickly prevents him. ''You can stay. It isn't really a private chat.''

Sirius sits down in his chair. I take seat on the other side of the couch. 
''I - accidentally saw your boggart,'' Harry confesses murmuring. Shocked, I stare at him. I don't dare to speak and watch him struggle to find words. ''And I have to say, I felt the same for a small time.''
Sirius looks at him. ''Harry - were you suicidal?''
''It was hard.'' Harry's defense system is more easily triggered than I thought. ''Everyone thinks I'm crazy. My best friends can't stop fighting. Sirius is accused of my parents' murder, and I'm angry... all the time.''

It's silent for a while.
''I might know how to help you,'' Harry whispers. ''You - you could join Dumbledore's Army. I teach people Defense Against The Dark Arts there, because Umbridge is a-''
''Okay, enough,'' Sirius interrupts annoyed. ''It's a great idea, Harry. But would everyone accept a Malfoy?''

I bite my lip. It all seemed so beautiful. Harry looks like a great teacher, and he's been through a lot. But of course, I can't forget my name.

Suddenly, I hear yelling from upstairs. ''Ophelia, it's your owl!'' Draco screams. ''It's wounded! Bring help!''

Sirius immediately starts looking for a first-aid kit. I run upstairs, and see Draco holding a snow white owl, with red spots of blood on her. ''What happened to her?'' I mumble shocked. I carefully grab my owl. ''Oh, dear...'' I say. ''She won't die, but she does need a lot of wizardry and band aid.''

''Look, Ophelia,'' Draco says. ''She brought you a message.

I feel myself becoming sick. This can't be good. I grab the small piece of paper, and read out loud what they wrote.

''Hi Ophelia. Sorry, you can't reach Luna now. We kidnapped her. She will only make it out of here alive if you will ome home to Malfoy Manor. Be quick. Her wounds are deep, and she loses a lot of blood... quickly.

Auntie Lestrange.''

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