Chloe's POV

As I woke up I felt two pair of arms around my waist I smiled then turned over to see Jayy. "Wake up Jayy." I said while poking his stomach "No." as he groan while holding me tighter. "Jayy get u-" I stopped then I smelled waffles, one of my favorite things to eat "Please let me go." I said with my puppy dog face "Nope." he said popping the "P"  I had a idea "Fine." I said holding tighter "I love you so much Chloe." he said, kissing my forehead "Man, I really don't deserve someone like you." I muttered "What?" he said looking confused his grip gotten softer I looked down while saying "N-nothing." I got up but then Jayy pulled me down and pressed his lips against mine, but before I could kiss back he pulled away and said "It's the other way around I don't deserve someone like you." I smiled then we got up and went downstairs while holding hands everybody had waffles on their plates I let go of Jayy's hand and headed to the kitchen I walked over to Jinxx and started to sneak behind him I put my hands on his shoulders while screaming "BOO!!" "WHAT THE FUCK!!" he screamed as he fell. I started laughing my ass off "Chloe that is not funny!!" he said while getting up and dusting off "Yes...It...Was!!" I said still laughing, then I felt two pair of arms around my waist and it got tighter a lot "Dahvie...Let...Go...Of...Me!!" I said trying to catch my breath "Good Morning my Panda Bear!!" he yelled. Dammit he's loud. I thought to myself he put me down and I walked over to the pan and no more waffles, my jaw dropped then someone tapped my shoulder "Hey Chloe you can have mine anyways I really don't like waffles all that much." Ashley said while putting his plate in my face. A huge smile ran across my face I hugged him while saying "Thank you Ashley!! I love you!!" he chuckled and Jauy walked in while saying "What about me??" whining like a baby "Aw I'm Sowwwwy." I said with a baby voice "I love you even more." I kissed his lips then headed over to the table Sammi and the guys expect for Andy looked at me my huge eyes then Sammi and the others all screamed "FINALLY!!" me and Jayy laughed "Hey Sammi what time is it?" "It's 7:30. Better get to school."she said while walking over to jinxx "Shit!!" I ran up the stairs looking for my car keys. I grabbed my bag and my car keys then headed out. "Bye!!" I screamed after them.

Jayy's  POV

I pouted while she walked out "Why your pouting? Sad cause Chloe didn't give you a kiss go bye?" Sammi asked with a goofy expression on her face. I nodded than I realized "Chloe still goes to high school?" I asked "Yeah it's her last year. But she's not going to college." "Why?" " Cause she feels like she's not good enough to go to college." she said while walking to the kitchen I was thinking for a second then I just went upstairs and went back to sleep then was thinking about Chloe. I'm so lucky to have a girl like her.  Then drifted off to sleep.

Chloe's POV

As I pulled up to a parking spot. I see the school man-whore making out with some blond chick. I rolled my eyes while shaking my head I got my stuff (external) and got out the car and started walking. I put my beats on and started to listen to music on my iPhone.  Then, I felt someone rip my beats from my ears and I felt two pair of arms wrapping around my waist "Hey baby." he said while rubbing my thigh. I elbowed him in the chest while saying "Don't you dare try to touch me." I said while walking off. I got in my class seeing my only friend Hana sitting in the back I walked over to her and said while siting down "Hello my little kitty." "Hey don't hate on my Hello Kitty." she while flipping her hair like Deena, she's the school whore, her and Bryce (the man-whore) are dating but both of them cheats so whats the point of dating each other? We were the only ones in the class, we like to but early cause we could do any thing we want without the teacher bitching at us. Hana was finishing the rest of her math homework I was singing along to 'Let Love Bleed Red' by Sleeping With Sirens on my iPhone.

"Is it naive to make plans that seem so far away?

There's a reason I feel this way,