What is Past & Future?

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Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
Style: Hand-drawn, 2D
Created by: Hailey Waguespack
Country of Origin: United States 🇺🇸
Languages: English

Past & Future is an in-the-works spoof parody series created by Hailey Waguespack (PepperRavenBat on Wattpad and @PadparadschaNephalem on DeviantArt).

Up in the North Pole, the pressure of keeping track of all things related to the holidays has gotten to Santa. He's doing his best, but checking the list twice, remembering everyone's gifts, listening to scout elf reports and dealing with the wife and reindeer is a lot to handle for a super old guy. To help him out, a young elf librarian (who is secretly an enthusiast of the paranormal) enlists the help of supernatural entities from a classic holiday novel, who can keep track of the time and show others the light... but he finds it's not what he had expected. In this spoof of Dickens's "A Christmas Carol," ghosts Past and Yet to Come help maintain balance in the North Pole, exploring the living world, the modernized lives of the people around them and maybe even themselves.

- Past & Future is the second original project created by Hailey Waguespack, the first being Critter People.
- However, Past & Future is the first project created independently by Hailey, as Critter People is a collaboration with her friend Dustin Estrelles (@-DUSTINMAO on Wattpad).
- Past & Future might be the only holiday-themed series to be an animated one.
- Unlike Critter People, which is generally okay for tweens, Past & Future is aimed at older audiences because of its use of language.
- The Ghost of Christmas Present does not appear as a part of the main cast for reasons that will be elaborated on.

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