In Another World: Prologue

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I glanced around the field, stunned as to how I'd gotten here. The last thing I remembered was swerving to avoid hitting a car that was coming at me, and seeing a tree. Was that it? Was I dead?


The field was so beautiful. Poppies in various colours surrounded me, and I could only agree that I was dead. So this was heaven? It was nice.


No! NO!


I couldn't be dead! I had only JUST turned eighteen. I was far too young to be in heaven just yet. I hadn't lived my life. I hadn't achieved any goals. I hadn't even finished high school! I was young, a foetus. The world was mine, and I had to live it. All that crap.


But I was here. Had I simply fallen asleep here, and the accident was a dream. I wasn't in any pain... I didn't feel anything.


I didn't see anyone. I couldn't hear anything but the whistling of the gentle breeze that blew my dark brown curls into my porcelain face. My chocolate brown eyes observed the field. I couldn't see anything but flowers, and in the far distance, a small house.


Where the hell was I?!


In the midst of the silence, I heard some rustling amongst the tight-knit flowers. My eyes focused on the spot from where the noise came from. It was getting closer...


Much closer...


My heart began to race, and I suddenly couldn't physically make myself take a breath. I felt anxious, and extremely nervous.


I jumped back defensively as a male figure emerged from the flowers. He was young, and handsome...


It was my crush, Nick Bradley.


"Nick?" I questioned softly.

"Yeah?" he replied, frowning. "Have we met?"

"It's me," I said, also frowning. "Lucy Hunter."

"Lucy Hunter?" he asked. "No. No way."

"How can you say no?" I asked skeptically. "I think I know who I am, Nick!"

"You can't be Lucy," Nick said, eyeing me suspisciously.

"What?" I scoffed. "I am Lucy. I know damn well I am!"

"No, no you're not!" Nick cried. "Because Lucy was my girlfriend, and well she died three years ago in this very field. I know you're not her. I know that you're not."

I felt my face whiten as I feinted in shock.

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