Chapter 14: Mermaid Paranoia! Part 2

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           The bright green-eyed woman is scowling at Kylie swimming away as she's in a crevice of the cave. "That child is so oblivious it's hysterical!" The mysterious woman releases an evil laugh. She shakes her head angrily. "King Poseidon! If you didn't take most of my powers than I could have stopped that girl from exploring more of our Island." She looks up above her. "I know you're watching! You're always watching!" She says furiously. She growls wishing she had the opportunity to change into a human, just like the girl she was watching. Her face slackens. Her scowl turning into a sad frown. "I just want to be part of something." She says hopelessly. She swims around the cave pool noticing the few changes it's made since she has last been here. Exactly 30 years ago. After Poseidon dropped her as one of his lovers, for trying to take control of their Kingdom and betraying him; many years after, she used her powers to lure sailors to sink their ship and she used their ship as a new home in the outskirts of his Kingdom. In Poseidon's Kingdom and many others; the Mermen and Mermaids are to never use their powers to sink a ship for a new home. Another big issue is to never sing the Siren Song to ANYONE. It'll cause their death OR they will be the Mer-Folk's servant for as long as the Mer-Folk wants. Neither is acceptable by the Mermaid Council. The Siren Song, unfortunately, can be sung by a select number of Mer-Folk. Kleodora is one of 5 in Poseidon's Kingdom who has that skill.

                   After she sunk the ship, Poseidon banned Kleodora from the Kingdom. Causing her to go on a rampage and killing a few humans and luring some more sailors to their death. After that, he called her back to reason with her. She threw a rampage about not being respected and she killed a fellow member of Poseidon's court of Jury. After that, Poseidon left her with very little power. He believed that deep down she still had some good inside of her and hoped she'd mature while she was banished, so he could lift the banishment. He still loved her. Sadly, she barely ever loved him. He put a limit on how much power she could use and when she uses it; she'd get physically and emotionally drained. Often she'd get sick.  Typically when Mer-Folk gets drained from using too much power, they'd have a group gathering with the Kingdom's Pod and that individual would draw a little bit of power from everyone. Afterward, the individual Mer-Folk would pray to Mother Ocean and draw some more power from the Sun, the Moon, the Ocean, and any creature that swims in the waters. (But Kleo doesn't have that opportunity as a banished solitary Mermaid/Siren.) After any Mer-Folk is banished, they are no longer called a Mermaid or Merman. They are a Siren. 

            Mer-Folk had been taught that any water-dwelling creature carries the essence and power of Mother Ocean; their creator. They are there for Mer-Folk to eat and to draw power. Much like humans do when they eat food. They draw strength and it distinguishes their hunger. 

              Kleodora's sadness turns to rage as she remembers everything Poseidon has taken away from her. And everything the Kingdom has done to her. They never respected her, even when she was Poseidon's lover, and soon to be Queen. One imbecile hatchling told her that she shouldn't have tried to take the Kingdom herself because she was almost Queen. Kleodora will never forget how much she wanted to slap that child right on her face. She didn't know how long it'd take for her to become Queen. She had 5 other lovers of Poseidon's to go up against and one was the mother to Triton, his most powerful son.  Amphitrite has always had it out for Kleodora. Kleodora once admired Amphi, until Amphitrite and Poseidon had their first daughter Benthesikyme. That's when she began to hate Amphi and began to regret getting involved with Poseidon. Then the couple had their 3rd child and 2nd daughter Rhodos. Thus making Kleodora despise Amphi and grow her hatred toward Poseidon. 

             "I never loved you as much as you thought! I hated you most of the time! I started hating you the moment you and Amphitrite had Rhodos! You said that I wasn't mother material. And you had 3 hatchlings with a woman who claims to be loyal to you!" She yells out loud furiously.  She looks up at the enclosed cave, her grey-blue face heating up with rage. "I was the ONLY lover who was loyal to you! And you banish me AND take my powers!" She shakes her head furiously. "How could you do such a thing Poseidon!" A deep and primal growl erupts from her mouth. "I will show you who I really am!" She promises. She builds up the power and leaps out of the water, her head tilting back and arms going to her side, clenching her fists, she lets out a loud and piercing shriek. Her bluish-black tail coming inches out of the water. She smacks back down into the water and breaths heavily. A dangerous scowl forms on her face. Furious that she'll never get her powers back, she thinks of a plan B. 

                "Hahahaha!" Kleodora lets out a menacing cackle. "You won't know what hit you, child!" She threatens as her eyes are glowing with malevolence. She smiles wickedly, excited to have come up with a plan B. She turns around to face the underwater entrance and slowly sinks underwater as her white hair floats above surface and her lime green eyes are shinning with wickedness. 


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