My Fault

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"So what would you want to eat?" Liam asked me as I looked around the place, the restaurant gave the feel of luxury as I fidgeted in my seat by reason of the clothes I wore.

"I uh, don't know what a lot of food in this menu are," I replied shyly as I placed the menu in front of me, "Can you choose for me instead?" I asked as I gulped knowing that the food to this place doesn't come cheap so I would practically be spending most of what I've saved in here.

Liam nodded at me, a smile on his face as he told the waiter our order. I heard him say a joke but I didn't really get it so I just pretended to be focused on my nails that were really long and it made me think of trimming them when I got home. 

"You come here often?" I asked as I took my glass of wine, taking a sip of it. It tasted heavenly which made me take another long sip before setting the glass back down as I saw Liam watching me.

"What?" I coughed a bit as I wiped my mouth with the napkin which I tucked on my shirt which Liam found amusing as he placed his own on his lap. I looked away feeling embarrassed as I mimicked him, putting my napkin down on my lap as well.

The night continued and it was awkward, well for me it was since Liam was used to this shit making me look like a monkey who's never stepped into a restaurant like this before, although I never really had since food here was really good but expensive. I remember Louis and Zayn saying that they would bring me to a place like this and I believed them but I never really hoped as much.

"Do you like the food?" Liam asked as he took a sip of his wine. I wiped my mouth before smiling up at him nodding my head once.

"It's delicious," I replied then sighed a bit as I kept my gaze on him, "Why are you doing this?" I asked him, unable to hold my tongue any longer.

"Doing what?" He replied smiling, his eyes crinkling as he did.

"Well we are eating at this fancy expensive place, you must want something from me," I replied bluntly, feeling this pang in my chest at what I just said although I dismissed it instead because I wasn't one to hope on things that obviously had hidden angles to it.

"Want something from you? Well..." Liam muttered as he suddenly placed a  hand on the back of his neck, his gaze averting downward.

"Is it sex you want?" I asked again which caused Liam to look at me wide eyed.

"I... why would you think that?" He asked sounding rather offended as I looked down at my food.

"It's the only thing I can offer," I replied softly as I hear Liam sigh. I felt like a total asshole suddenly as I stood up from my seat not saying a word as I walked out the front door, Liam already after me.

"Harry!" he shouted as I kept walking, not really listening to his screams. Liam however, caught up with me grabbing my arm as he caught his breath. I tried to pull away but his grip was too strong so I was forced to stand there listening to his apologies which I didn't really understand.

By midnight we were making our way back to Oxford Street where we found Louis, Zayn and Niall in a corner talking casually, smoke surrounding them at every huff of the cigarettes they hand in their fingers.

Liam and I were quiet as we approached them, not making eye contact as I heard Liam step forward grabbing Niall's arm and dragging him away. I heard Niall retort but I was pretty sure that Liam was way to strong for him.

They were out of view before Louis and Zayn started shouting at me. They told me Liam was practically tearing up but since my small actions were already the clear actions of an asshole, I decided to play the card until the end of the night and kept my mouth shut.

We got home shortly after that, neither Louis or Zayn acknowledging my presence as they went on with whatever they were doing before they decided to go to bed. The house was quiet as I stayed on the couch, my gaze transfixed on the wall as part of me patted my back at what I did while the other part was practically crying and aching, my brain telling me how much of an idiot I was for doing that but as painful as it was, it had to be done.


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