Prolog: The Nerd

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Hello, my name is Susan Darling. I am 17 years old. Second year on high school at Prajnaparamitha Senior High School, Nine Island.

Six month again i will be attending my final year of high school in which i will be stop all of my hobby due to prepare on final test.

This book probably is my last channeling writing fiction hobby before i drain my attention for final year test, or any other thing like my friend or my other hobby, cosplay-ing anime manga character.

I have personal blog to coordinate my cosplay hobby

I have account for fan-fiction writing.

But this story is special because the character is REAL!

This story is special because the character is my own friends at school.

Their name is also real. That's why i don't want to publish it yet to protect anyone that i write here.

That's why i put this story in the book. Not internet whatsoever. What i want to write maybe just some description of my friend, their appearance, their hobby and their background.

I think maybe i will put this story on internet under different name later.

Or maybe not.

I don't know.

Music : Mozart - Lacrimosa 

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