Forgetting Arlo (2)

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The song above is We'll Be Coming Back by Calvin Harris featuring Example.

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Lily's POV

Two months ago

The first time I set eyes on Granger Boarding School, I was tired and dreary. It was a late, rainy evening. The weather forecasted a storm. My Aunt cursed the whole way there, complaining about not being able to see anything. Even though I insisted on getting a train to the school, Aunt Mabel was persistent. Eventually, I relented.

It was around eight o'clock when I arrived. Due to unforeseeable traffic, we made it a lot later. The middle-aged woman who greeted me didn't mind though. She was very kind—a complete contrast to Deputy Head Elizabeth.

She told me her name was Mrs Church and that she was the Headmaster. Surprisingly, she gave me a tour and showed me to my dorm. Leaving me packing, she took Aunt Mabel to her office so they could go over paperwork.

It was at that moment, Amber knocked on my door.

Inhaling a lungful of air, I head over to the door and open the door. Amber's familiar face greeted me back. Her blue eyes shined with warmth, a feeling I haven't seen in a long time. My heart expanded in euphoria, glad that she wasn't looking at me with emotionless eyes.

Smiling softly at her, I step aside, allowing her to enter my room.

Unlike my previous school, you don't share the dorms here. Apparently, this school doesn't have as many students, so people don't have to share.

"Lily," She breathes, sounding breathless.

My smile widens; a grin forms on her face. For a moment, we stare at each other, lost in each other's eyes. I'm honestly shocked she's not rejecting me right now. Our last meeting in person didn't go very well. She was so distant. Her actions right now are the complete opposite. I have the urge to ask her what changed.

"You're here." She adds, quietly.

I nod my head. "Yeah. I'm here."

A calming, comfortable silence settles between us. I don't have to say anything and neither does she.

And then I realize I have to unpack my belongings. Clearing my throat, I tuck a strand of blonde hair behind my ear and step backwards. "I need to unpack. Do—do you want to help?"

To my utter relief, her eyes light up. She saunters over to the box full of books and begins picking. them up. She places them on the shelf above my desk, making sure it is neat and tidy. I unfold some of my clothes and put them on the coat hangers.

We spend the next hour going through my things—silently. When we finish, Amber leaves, promising to come here tomorrow morning to show me the dining room.

Knackered beyond belief, I climb into bed. As soon as my eyes shut, I doze off into oblivion.

The next day, I'm woken up by the sound of someone banging their fists against my door. Groaning, I reluctantly peel the duvet off me and stumble over to the door. Swinging the door open, I'm greeted by the face of my sister.

"He—woah, did you just roll out of bed?" She asks, eyeing me from head to toe.

"Yeah," I mumble, tiredly. Stepping aside, I head into my en-suite and begin brushing my teeth. Amber watches me, quietly.

"We don't have school today. It's an inset day," She informs me, all of a sudden.

Nodding my head, I exited the bathroom and chose an outfit out of my wardrobe. Amber plants her bottom on my bed and continues to stare at me. The action reminds me of the old days when Amber used to sit in my room and help me pick an outfit. There is a lump at the back of my throat that refuses to disappear.

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