Jealousy (G!p)

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I know I never wrote something like this before. But I wanted to try it out.

Camila watched as her girlfriend talked to a group of other girls. Standing next to an old juke box in the corner of the room, Lauren used it to level herself as she leaned on it. A few of the girls laughed, one of them in particular touched Lauren's arm as she giggled. Something Camila didn't enjoy watching.

"Why don't you go over and talk with her?" Her best friend suggested, taking a swig of her drink.

"Dinah, you know I don't like talking to those type of girls." Camila groaned. It was true, Camila never really like hanging around the flirty type of girls. Something about them always wanting attention, and feeding off of your gaze didn't get to her.

"Well it sure as hell isn't helping, just sitting here and watching her." Dinah commented with a chuckle.

One of the girls standing over with her girlfriend, Ally walked over to Camila. Ally wasn't the flirty type. But, Camila begged her friend to go over and investigate, since she was short enough to blend into the crowd.

"Your girl is something else, Mila." Ally shook her head slipping into the stool to the left of Camila, Dinah sat on the right.

"Ugh. Why does she do this to me?" Camila groaned placing her head on top of her arms, which were folded on the table top. Maybe because the sex is always amazing after she sees how jealous you are, Camila commented. Causing a smirk to rise on her lips, but soon fall as she hears a familiar laugh.


Camila picked up her head, and turned in the direction of the loud infectious laugh a smile grazing her lips. "Damn, Mila. You got it bad, but you can still sit here and watch her mindlessly flirt. I give you props." Normani, one of her friends from school that also worked in the diner they were in right now, commented from behind the counter. She was currently wiping the counter, while she talked with her friends.

"She isn't flirting." Camila protested. Yes she is you idiot. "She's just being friendly."

"Yea as friendly as Austin was yesterday at that party."

"Okay that's not funny. I really thought Lauren was going to bash his face into the hood of her car." Ally stated, using her index finger to circle around the rim of her cup as she looked between Normani and Dinah, who were stealing glances between each other.

Just the mention of last night gave Camila the chills. She and the others had gone to a party last night, enjoying their time getting drunk and dancing along to the loud blasting music. It wasn't until Camila had to use the bathroom, feeling a little tipsy she couldn't find her girlfriend through the blur of a crowd and decided on going by herself.

Once she made it towards the stairs, Austin had caught up and tried pulling a move. He even pushed her against the wall, harshly grabbing her at the wrists. Like always, Lauren came to the rescue dragging Austin by the collar outside in front of her car.

She had beaten him up, and it wasn't until Ally, Normani, Dinah and a few boys had to pull Lauren away. Having Austin up against the hood of her car, clutching his stomach. They'd left the scene to scurry away from causing anymore trouble.

"Hey babe." Lauren cooed from behind, wrapping her arms around her girlfriends waist as she swayed, Camila's seat moving along with them.

"Hey." Camila croaked, taking a glance at Dinah who was too busy eyeing the scene for a new catch. Really Dinah, now you look for some one-night stand!?! Lauren sense unease from her girlfriends posture, and began rubbing at her waist, swiftly moving her hands down to her thighs.

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