Excel Password Recovery

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What is excel

Excel is a software program from that is part of the Microsoft Office suite and It uses to store your all excel database with the secure password if when you want. MS excel using many people for business purposes in daily routine.

Why need an excel password?

For safety from other to view file user used password to make their important file safe but some of the time when need that file urgently to view or see the file and manage that file. Users try to open but they are unable to open a file because users forget their file password or confused what is the real password. And that time they do not want to take the risk to open and use the wrong password much time because in that file they saved important data so they need a tool like the third party which helps them to bring out from this problem and open that file after cracking a password.

Solution of Excel Password Recovery Software

And the best solution to forgetting the password of the excel file you take help with excel password recovery software. There are many tools available in the market when you search on Google for excel password recovery software you found there many software and for best recovery and fully support provider company. Excel password recovery software scan your file password and crack the password and show you a password and give you access to regenerate password.

Dux Excel Password Recovery Software:

Dux Excel Password Recovery Software is the most reliable software and If you need any recovery tool you want to remove your excel worksheet password. Dux Excel password recovery software has a dynamic feature with unique methods to recover excel password. That allows us to recover the minimum and maximum character of the excel file (xlsx or xls file) password. Dux gives also authority to re-operate your excel workbook and worksheet file password without any type of critical mistake in your XLSX file database and make a secure your excel file.

Some unique point of Dux Excel Password Recovery Software:

Dux give you unique selling point you for recover excel password:-

· Dux Retrieve your excel password from the excel file workbook.

· This software easily recovers or Break Password security from your excel file database.

· It Recovers your lost XLSX/XLS file password with full safety without no harm your data

· And also Remove password from excel workbook and worksheet.

· It gives more options and recovers any types of excel file password i.e. (0-7-!-#-*-A-B-C-xn).

· Support all version of MS excel as:- 97 / 98 / 2000 - 2007 / 2010 / 2013/2016 and 2019.

· Apply a Brute force attack/mask attack and dictionary attack for reset excel password.

· Dux give a demo version for Excel Password Recovery before purchasing its licensed version, Trial version allows recovery and preview of Excel data. However, it can show only 2 characters from the sheet.

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