Perfect Storm:: Accidentally on Purpose Entry

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...s c r e a m i n g , 
c r y i n g,
p e r f e c t  
s t o r m...

      a one shot for accidentally on purpose. credit goes to sheeraned for writing such an amazing book that drew me towards writing a one shot for it

this is the winning one-shot

HER BODY WAS turned so her back received the blunt force of the rain pellets. Her hand was cupped over her eyes, squinting in an attempt to pinpoint her car through the storm. She hugged her purse to her chest and sprinted to the car, her short, nearly platinum blonde hair sticking to her cheeks. She felt her eyes burn and she blinked rapidly, trying to lose the horrid feeling she had sinking in her heart.

Don't think about him, she criticized herself. Just because you were talking to Tony about weddings doesn't mean you have to think about how you thought you would get married to him one day.

She dove into her car, trembling from either the cold or from memories. Her white blouse molded to her form and she groaned. Just great. Her red bra was showing through the see-through shirt. She crossed her arms on the steering wheel and banged her head. Once. Twice.

She hung her head and rubbed a hand down her face. She had to stop thinking about him. It's been two years, he must be over her by now. But why wasn't she over him?

She saw a figure running in the rain. All she could distinguish was a tall, lanky man running through the storm, and she could have sworn... She shook her head. She was hallucinating about him now, just great.

She started the car and drove as far away as she could from the man sprinting in the rain.

The tapping of the rain and the humming of the car was too silent for her. At a red light, she plugged her phone into her car so her music played on shuffle throughout the vehicle. A familiar tune rang in her ears. A familiar melody that made her lose her breath.

"I love this place
But it's haunted without you,"

She used to play the song all the time with Jonah. All the time.

And when he left her, it became a healing song.

"My tired heart
Is beating so slow

Our hearts sing less than
We wanted, we wanted
Our hearts sing 'cause
We do not know, we do not know."

She slapped a hand over her mouth and choked down a sob. "Oh my God."

She didn't dare shut it off, however.

"To light the night, to help us grow
To help us grow
It is not said, I always know"

Her lip trembled as the song continued, and she drove to the soft hum of Amanda Seyfried. The music faded and combined with the sound of the pellets of rain hitting the roof of her car.

"You can catch me
Don't you run, don't you run
If you live another day
In this happy little house
The fire's here to stay"

She reached her apartment after the torturous drive and threw herself through the door and dove onto the couch, soaked head to foot with a line of dried tears running down her cheek.

Her roommate came into sight and blinked a couple times at her. "Whoa, girl, what happened to you?"

Hannah groaned and ran a hand through her drenched strands of short hair. "Life happened."

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