Chapter 8

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After we finish breakfast, Tris takes me to the infirmary. About halfway there, I scoop Tris up into my arms and carry her bridal style.

"Hey there mister, no carrying me for you, you have hurt ribs and it's not safe," she says as she wiggles out of my grasp. I sigh and protectively wrap my arm around her waist. I give her a quick peck on the lips, and we continue on our way.


The doctor is currently examining my side while Tris holds my hand, running soothing circles on my palm.

"Well, all of your internal organs seem to be alright, but you do have a few cracked ribs, so take it easy. But don't worry about that, it seems your girlfriend should take care of you." He glances at Tris and winks at me.

"Com'on Toby, let's head back to the apartment," she whispers seductively in my ear, "but first, you'll have to catch me!" She says, raising her voice towards the end. She jumps up and runs out the door, and I follow her, catching up to her right as she opens the apartment door.

I slip in at the last second and wrap my arms around her waist. I kiss her teasingly in the crook of her neck. She lets out a sigh as turns around to face me. I lean down again and kiss each of her ravens, lingering on the last one. she moans and crashes her lips into mine. God I love her so much...

Tobias kisses each of my individual ravens, lingering on the last one, most likely giving me a huge hickey. I spin around and smash our lips together. He moans a little and I push him lightly against the wall, deepening the kiss. He slicks his tongue across my lips, and I let it into my mouth.

I creep my hands up his shirt, revealing his bare back, and trace his tattoos. He rips off his shirt. He slips his hands under my top and breaks he kiss to take it off. He flips us around so he is pushing me on the wall, and I wrap my legs around his waist. We are now panting and he lays me on the bed. The sheets shift under us as he reaches to unclip my bra. He pulls away and whispers, "beautiful" in my ear. He must have felt my uneasiness.

I unbuckle Tobias' belt and slip off his pants as my bra falls to the floor. He slowly kisses down my body to my belly button. Then someone walks in as my pants fall to the floor and they practically die as they realize what they walked in on...

*sorry! Cliffhanger! Sorry about the short chapter!
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