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This book is a work of fiction. All characters in this novel are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Don't expect too much. Any violent reaction about the story is not appreciated. In other words, kung hindi ito maganda para sayo, huwag mo ng basahin. PLEASE LANG. Ako na nag nagsasabing OA ang mga characters ko dito, weird nung mga scenes at NAKAKALOKO ANG PLOT. May mature na tema na maaaring makadulot ng karahasan saiyo, sa sarili mo at sa utak mo. Binalaan na kita, kaya ayaw kong makakabasa ng reklamo, OKAY? Hihi. Peace!

Oh, eto na..


"Finding someone worth waking up is better than finding someone to sleep with."

A person, whether a guy or a girl have their own needs

A girl needs someone to love

and a guy needs someone to satisfy their needs

people are weak, they can easily seduce

they can't avoid temptaion

they easily fall to their own weakness

they have flaws

they commit sins

they curse

they prejudge

they contemn

they insult

In other words, they're not perfect they are voluble..

but behind this imperfections are the numerous extraordinary untold stories

behind their heart's blemish are the hidden unfathomable experience

they say money controls everything

for practicality, maybe it's true particularly to Gabril and Mikekim

money controlled their lives.

does money can create a way to find love?

or does it ruin every hearts desires?

Love v Greed.



Story created: October 2012 due to too much boredom during sembreak. LOL. ;-P


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